Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Various Thoughts on Summer

Fourth of July has come and gone and this summer is going so fast I can hardly believe it.

On the other hand, I was sort of expecting it, as we were doing so much traveling for the first half of summer. Next week we go on a short trip with my parents to Branson. This will be a little bittersweet, as it will be the first time we'll go back to the Branson area since David's grandma's memorial service. I know David has been missing her, especially her enthusiasm for the Cardinals and for his baseball team.

(Side note: My parents were visiting a couple weekends ago so we had the big coffee maker out on the counter, which was a gift from David's grandma to him years and years ago. I commented that seeing the coffee maker made me miss his grandma and he agreed. Then Zuzu piped up, "Well, she died and she can't ever come back alive!")

Once we're back from Branson, we don't have any more big travel plans, though I think we'll go to my parents' to celebrate Coco's second birthday with family. We do have lots of little plans--we want to do something for my birthday, catch August's Food Truck Friday, and Zuzu has been invited to THREE birthday parties, so I guess we'll be facilitating her social circuit.

My big plans for this week include improving the organization of toys in our living room, hanging out with a local BLM friend of mine who is pregnant and having all of the freak out feelings you have in the last few weeks of pregnancy after loss, doing laundry, and packing for Branson.

Weather has been hot and sticky here. Our neighbor-friends have a pool membership in a nearby neighborhood, so we can attend the pool as their guests. It's the same pool where Zuzu has been taking private swimming lessons with a lifeguard, and on the days that she has lessons, we can also all swim. I was really nervous about taking both girls to the pool by myself, but this pool is great because it has a huge section where even Coco can touch most of the way (it goes from 6" deep to 3' deep). When our neighbor is there, it's even easier--somehow two moms keeping an eye on four kids is easier than one mom keeping an eye on two, especially because her kids are 9 and 4. I think that we will get a membership next summer.

I can remember going to pool every single day of summer when I was a kid (or at least it felt that way!). This pool has comfy chairs and allows you to bring in floaties and pool toys (when I was a kid, the pool had concrete benches and everybody just put their towels on the ground--no toys or floaties allowed. But it did have a high dive!). The only downside to this pool is that we can't bring in our own food and the snack bar is pretty limited (and overpriced, of course). The girls want popcorn every time we go, though I managed to hold them off for popcorn in the car yesterday (we are popcorn crazy around here--favorite snack by far). I can remember occasionally getting a treat at the pool snack bar, and I usually opted for a Snickers bar. But all the candy bars were kept in the freezer, so it seemed to take a long time before the sun warmed the chocolate enough to bite all the way through it without it hurting my teeth or taking forever to chew.

Last week when I was at the pool with the girls, I'd caved to the persistent demands/requests for popcorn. Coco dropped some popcorn. I didn't think anything of it as I was gathering our towels to head back to the chairs, but when we got back in the pool I noticed that she had an ant crawling on her cheek. Then she opened her mouth and I saw that she had a mouth FULL OF ANTS because she'd picked up popcorn that was covered in them. Gag gag gag. I was rinsing out her mouth with pool water and trying not to show her how disgusted I was because I didn't want her to freak out. She was already saying, "Bugs? Bugs?" in a kind of alarmed tone. So gross!

There is a little part of me that is already kind of doing a countdown to school starting, and I'm not sure if I'm dreading it or looking forward to it. A little of both, I guess. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I LOVE being home with the girls. We have our moments, of course--like yesterday, when we had to leave a bookstore long before I was finished browsing because they kept destroying displays and trying to rearrange furniture in the children's section and Coco wouldn't listen to the Curious George books at storytime. But overall, we're having fun.

The downside is that I feel kind of scattered and like my brain is lazy--I don't have long stretches of uninterrupted time unless I stay up late when everyone else is in bed, and I really crave that time to write or read or even watch a TV show that interests me. Last night I was so excited to put the swim-sleepy girls to bed early and then get a bunch of stuff done. Joke was on me, as I was evidently just as worn out as they were from the sun and swimming. I lay down with Zuzu to read books and we BOTH were asleep by 8:30pm. I woke up when David got home from his baseball game around 11:00pm, and then had to get up to wash my face and brush my teeth, and of course I couldn't fall asleep after that. I ended up watching TV in the middle of the night when I wanted to be sleeping, which was not ideal. But I didn't have to get up and go to work today, so summer is still the best!

As much as we're spending lots of time outside playing in the water, I'm a big fan of summer storms, and I really like a rainy summer day when we have a good excuse to light candles and stay inside and read books all day. Today has been dedicated to cleaning/organizing toys and laundry and I've got the girls to "help" me dust the living room.

Thankfully, Coco is still a reliable napper and Zuzu has come around to the idea of "quiet time" after lunch, though she won't stay upstairs in her room by herself, she will lie quietly on the sofa downstairs while I read or do stuff around the house. We just finished up lunch, so we're off to enjoy some of that Quiet Time now!


  1. Your baby loss posts generate lots of comments, however I wanted to say your general activity and these mummy posts are so well written and the joy shines through. It's wonderful that you relish motherhood and you're bloody good at it.

    1. Thanks for this! It's true that some of the everyday posts don't seem to spark as much discussion, though I know they are things I'll want to remember. It's nice to hear that someone enjoys them!