Friday, June 3, 2016

Buying (And Planning on Purging!)

One of my projects for this summer is to sort through and organize toys, and to develop a better system for rotating them and finding cute storage for the toys we have upstairs. I'm also going to sort through our ridiculous number of children's books (David has brought home piles from the school library culling their collection) and donate some of them. Like every other middle class person in a first world country, I'm trying to avoid accumulating so much stuff, especially as I think about two summer birthdays coming up. And yet, I have been doing some buying.

I was thinking about investing (and I do mean investing because they are pricy!) in a set of Magnatiles for Zuzu's birthday this year, but the only thing this girl has been asking for is a carriage for her characters. After doing some googling, we ended up ordering this Cinderella carriage from Kohl's.

I read that a good rule for toy buying is that it shouldn't do just one thing--the idea is that the more versatile the toy, the more things a child can imagine it to be or do. But sometimes maybe you just need a beautiful carriage? She plays with these little figurines (sets like these and these) more than any other toy we have, so I hope that she loves the carriage.

I do plan to get her a couple of books for her birthday--I think I'm going to get The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown and I'm hoping the used copy of The Adventures of Isabel by Ogden Nash will have arrived by then. I'm also considering This Is Not a Book by Jean Jullien or maybe I'll get another chapter book--Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace or The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney (I loved those books when I was a kid--they are old-fashioned and adorable).

Speaking of buying, I have a new natural deodorant that I love! My friend Monica picked it up at a grocery store in Kansas City and gave me one to try and I really like it. You know I've tried a few natural deodorants (including one from Etsy that made my armpits break out--yowch!). Toms lavender doesn't work for me at all (stinky), Adidas Cotton Tech is pretty good but kinda pricy for a small container (you can get it on Amazon for $14.49). I liked the Body Shop deodorant okay, too (but it looks like they don't make it anymore???). After I had Coco, though, I felt like natural deodorant was not working for me. I was stinky and sticky and generally felt gross.

Anyway, I'm a new fan of Nubian Heritage 24 hour deodorant. I don't know about the 24 hour claim... I would say more like 12 hours for me. And you still have to shower every day (hey, I'm lazy, so this feels like a real commitment). But I do think it works! I have used the Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver scent and I liked it, but I'm going to try Honey and Black Seed next. It's available at a lot of health food stores (including Debbie's Herb Shop in Nevada, MO!) and also on Amazon.

I picked up another bargain shopping in Nevada! I've been looking for cross-body back to take on vacation. Not too big, but also not too small, you know? I switched over to a Vera Bradley smartphone wristlet for a summer wallet (easy to carry by itself or toss in a diaper bag--the only thing I wish it had is room for chapstick--maybe I'll get one of those chaptsick keychains. Anyway, I wanted a cross-body back to travel with so that I could also carry the basic necessities without the bulk of a full diaper bag. You get the idea.

Well, there's a little shop on the square in Nevada called Belles & Beaus that sells the cutest kids clothes and also does consignment clothing and purses. They are open late on Thursday nights, and in addition to having a balloon man out front, they had a coupon on facebook for 50% off any one item. So I snagged a navy blue cross body Coach bag for $10. (OK--the total was $11.81). The style looks just like this one except obviously a different color. It's probably not something I would have paid full price for, but it's exactly the size and shape I was looking for, and I can't believe I almost walked away without it. We'd actually gone on to a restaurant for dinner and after we ordered I was telling my parents that I should have gone ahead and bought it. My dad mentioned that the store was open for another 4 minutes so if I ran I could still get it, and I bolted out of the booth and ran across the square and made it to the store with time to spare. Because if I'm going to buy a consignment cross body bag for a steal of a deal, I should do so as DRAMATICALLY as possible.


  1. I have never, ever regretted our magnatile collections. It's the most used toy we have, both girls still play with them, and create the most amazing things with them. Frances will sometimes spend hours building with them. They are worth every penny.

    I love the Five Little Peppers - I have some of my old books on our shelves. We've been on an Ellen Tebbits / Otis Spofford spree for a couple of weeks.

    You know I love a good purge, but books never bother me (now that I have yards and yards of shelves), and I'll never get rid of the magnatiles. I love them that much, and find them really calming to play with (even as an adult). It's a good grandparent gift too! Or team up with them to get a nice sized set.

  2. I also love the dramatic ending.

  3. I dragged our magnatiles to GA. We play with them everyday. I did ask grandparents to split at $120 for set holy crap. But seriously, best toy we own.
    I'm terrible at purging.

  4. We have magnatiles hidden in the basement. I recommend the knock off kind on Amazon that have wheels too. My kids have played with the real ones at Toy Tyme and the cheaper ones and imo they are the same! (Ours are hidden in the basement because the kids already have lego duplos and train tracks out that they play with all the time and with the magnatiles too it was just too many sets to deal with picking up-or making them pick up- in too small of a space. When we are in the new house I will be getting them out again since they will have play areas on both floors.

    YAY, glad you made it for the crossbody!
    Also are you back on fb now?