Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Conversations with Zuzu

Scene: Zuzu is getting ready for bed.

Zuzu: I don't want to sleep in my room. I'm scared.
David: What are you scared of?
Zuzu: Bats that appear on my pillow. And octopuses.


Scene: Zuzu is in the bathroom. It's been a while.

Me: You going potty? You need any help?
Zuzu: Could you leave me alone, please?


Scene: Zuzu is eating a popsicle--the kind that comes in a box with Frozen characters on these. She calls these "ice cones." They come in three colors--white, purple, and blue--but they all taste the same: like Hawaiian punch.

Grammy: What does your popsicle taste like?
Me: They all taste like Hawaiian punch with less red dye number 40.
Zuzu: Mine tastes like Frozen with sparkles!


Scene: Discussing Minnie Mouse on our way up to take a bath.

Zuzu: Everybody knows it's all about the bows!
(If you're not familiar, this is like Minnie's motto or something.)
Me: (Because sometimes I just feel compelled to say something in response to that nonsense.) But we know, it's really all about being kind, and applying yourself in school, and being assertive...
Zuzu: And going poo-poo on the potty?
David: Yes. It's also about that.


Scene: At the dinner table. The girls are being remarkably pleasant.

Me (to David): How did we get the two sweetest girls in the world?
Zuzu: From the store!


Scene: I walk into the bathroom. Zuzu is using an eyeshadow brush to paint blush on the bathroom vanity.

Zuzu: Hello, Mommy! I'm making the bathroom beautiful!

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  1. Haha, so cute and funny! I think the poo on the potty one is my favorite. Hope you are all feeling better!