Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Conversations with Zuzu in November

Scene: First thing in the morning. Zuzu is in our bed.

Zuzu: Is today my birthday?
David: No.
Zuzu: One more sleep until my birthday?
David: No.
Zuzu: Two more sleeps?
David: No.
Zuzu: A lot more sleeps until my birthday?
David: Yes.
Zuzu: Mommy, how many more sleeps until my birthday?
Me: A lot.
Zuzu: That's what I just told Daddy.


Scene: At the zoo, walking through the parking lot.

Zuzu: I don't hear the train.
Me: When we get inside the zoo we'll hear it.
Zuzu: I hear the water fart.
Me: (laughing)
David: You hear the water fall?
Zuzu: Mm-hmm!


Scene: In the car driving home from school. Zuzu has been chattering about her grandparents.

Zuzu: And my Grammy misses me, and my Mimi misses me.
Me: You don't have a Mimi, sweetheart.
Zuzu: Yes, I do!
Me: Who's your Mimi?
Zuzu: We're not gonna talk about her right now because I'm too tired.

Scene: In the bathtub. Zuzu is being naughty. We give her consequences of losing favorite toys when she is misbehaving, and her favorite toys are small figurines of the characters from Frozen, which we call her characters. She is filling up a cup with water and evidently spilling it outside the tub. (I overheard this conversation from the next room.)

David: I told you not to do that or it would spill out on the floor. So now I'm going to take away one of your characters.
Zuzu: Hans!*
David: No, I get to choose which character. Elsa.

(If you're not familiar with the characters in Frozen, then I'm not sure what you're doing with your life, but all you need to know is that Hans is obviously not Zuzu's favorite.)

Scene: Early morning before work/school. I'm nursing Coco and Zuzu is sitting in the chair with us.

Zuzu: Maybe when Coco gets a little older she can dance with me and she won't fall down and cry.

(Poor Coco. Zuzu frequently casts her as the prince, but Coco is not (yet) a good enough dancer to meet the strict requirements of this role, so then she has to be the "step-mutter.")


  1. So cute! I have not actually heard of Hans, or watched Frozen, thankfully. Our kids don't really do movies yet (tv, yes!) I am familiar with Elsa and Ana and a lot of the songs, anyway.

    Matthew has big plans for Ethan getting bigger and playing baseball with him.

    And yes, kids and birthdays! Matthew likes asking if he can have random stuff for his birthday and is satisfied with the answer "maybe". We have tried explaining it is almost a year away to no avail so just sticking with 'maybe'.

  2. Hans. Hahaha. I love it.

    Also, the step-mutter. Poor Coco. Sad step-mutter.