Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Update

Weekend Update reminds me of Saturday Night Live, which reminds me of middle school, which reminds me of the time that one of my classes did a video recording of a newscast from 1915. My friend E and I were the news anchors and we had to wear period-appropriate clothing and hair styles. Some of our classmates were news reporters in the field and one of the guys didn't have a shirt and somehow this resulted in him borrowing my friend E's shirt, leaving her cowering in only her bra and a pair of black pants in a bathroom stall in the sixth grade hallway. She's probably still traumatized by the experience. I had to race down the hall with her shirt so she could get dressed and get back in place to film our coverage of the sinking of the Lusitania after the guy borrowing her shirt got done covering news from the White House. Also the teleprompter was not in the right place for the news anchors to read, so the whole time E and I are reporting, we're giving the camera the side-eye.

This actual weekend, in my non-middle school life, we had zero plans, and it was awesome. David suggested we go to the zoo Saturday morning because the weather was awesome and I said, no, let's just stay home and do nothing.

Friday night, I picked up the girls and we drove out to David's school. They were having an outdoor movie night and showed the movie Home, which was super adorable. Before it got dark, it was a general playground free-for-all for all the kids, plus there were a few food trucks.

Coco's mind was blown. 

Zuzu (not pictured) kept right up with all the elementary school kids. I was so impressed that she wasn't at all intimidated by them. There was one point when she got off a piece of equipment and came over to me in a huff. She said, "That girl blocked me!" I asked her if she said excuse me, and she said, "No, she blocked me and I got really upset!" (I think the girl was concerned that Zuzu would fall if she climbed up high).

We made a couple trips inside for potty breaks, during which Coco decided she is ready for kindergarten.

Zuzu ran ahead and did not want to cooperate for my photo taking. She played her little heart out, and didn't stop moving from the time we got there (around 5:30pm) to the time the movie started (a little after 7:00pm). When it was time to go sit down for the movie, she was reluctant to leave the playground (and by "reluctant," I mean that she tried to bite my hand). But once we got settled down, she ate a picnic dinner.

The temperatures dropped Friday night, so I was delighted when she snuggled up on my lap and we pulled a blanket over us and cuddled while we watched the movie--such a sweet treat. Totally made up for the attempted bite.

Coco was thrilled to be on the loose at David's school, but had to be watched closely because she also wanted to climb up all the equipment like she was a third-grader. More problematic was the fact that most of the playground is filled in with pea-sized gravel, which Coco seemed to think was DELICIOUS. Every time I'd take my eyes off of her for a second to check on Zuzu, when I glanced back down, Coco would be shoving handfuls of gravel in her face. I spent a good deal of time freaking out and fishing pebbles out of her mouth. Fortunately, she cooperated by falling asleep in her stroller as soon as it got dark.

Saturday morning Coco got up at 6:00am, but after I nursed her, I went back to bed and David got up with her and let Zuzu and me sleep in until 8:00am. Once we were up for the day, we cleaned the house and put out fall decorations (yay pumpkins!). The girls played outside and we had a generally lovely, low-key day, except that Zuzu skipped her nap and got kind of nightmarish. My friend E (same name but not the same friend who was traumatized by the middle school newscast) stopped by and I tagged along with her and her parents to a couple of stores so she could look at potential furniture for her new house. Shopping was way more fun than staying home and listening to Zuzu scream-whine.

Saturday night they both fell asleep early (the only benefit to an afternoon of scream-whining) so David and I actually sat on the couch and ate popcorn and watched a movie and I caught up on a few blogs and googled a bunch of stuff I've been wanting to google but never have time! (examples: scuba skirts (I want one), how old is Kate Winslet (39), what will college cost in 2030 (you don't want to know), what if my toddler won't drink milk (the internetz kinda stressed me out on this one), and recipes for pudding cookies (yum).

Sunday morning I got up and hit the half price day of the Recycled Kids sale nearby. It's a huge consignment sale where any vendor can take their kids clothes/toys/paraphernalia and on Sunday it's open from 9-12 with everything half price (except for some sneaky things marked with a red dot because I don't know why). Anyway, I scored a few little outfits, the most expensive of which was a dress for $5.50 that Zuzu likes because it is tea-length and therefore "I look like a princess!" and I like because it has a Peter Pan collar and therefore is adorable. I also got a bunch of socks that look new, a pair of roller skates, a set of knee and elbow pads, a few matchbox cars, and a dress up Rapunzel dress.

Here Zu models the dress and tries to keep sister out of her dollhouse.

I stopped by Old Navy to check out their toddler leggings selection, but after a big consignment sale, paying $8 for leggings seems unreasonably expensive, so I didn't get much of anything.

It did make me think about my "buy nothing new" pledge and how it's actually much harder than a spending freeze because buying things gently used requires a significant time commitment to browse and hunt. And free time is something that I don't have a whole lot of these days. So it's a bit of a struggle. And then I bought a new shirt at Target.

I've also purged an enormous portion of my closet--I did a top swap with friends, I donated a bunch of stuff to my parents' church basement sale, and I have two more bins in the basement ready to donate. Basically I have NOTHING to wear and no time to buy anything new (except at Target). I'd like to use this as an excuse to subscribe to Stitch Fix, but I'm not sure I can justify the expense... (Maybe if I do the every-three-months option?)

David was home with the girls while I was shopping and pondering the state of my closet. Coco had a bad fall outside and got road rash on her forehead. She was running with cherry tomatoes in her hands and when she fell she didn't put her hands out to protect her noggin. I guess David was pretty scared when it happened, but by the time I got home you could barely see the road rash. She's so tough.

Today starts another long week, so I'm off to iron and set out clothes for the week. It's a tough job picking out clothes for everyone in my family, but someone's got to do it.

I wore this--and yeah, that's the new shirt. Pardon my weird claw hand holding my keys. Also the outfit was cuter with the pointy-toe flats I keep in my office. The whole damn outfit (except the shoes) is from Target. The belt is my favorite. I heart neon.


  1. super cute outfit. but can we go back to the fact that you already got fall decorations out!?

    show off.

    1. I try to be as festive as possible to make up for my pre-Christmas slump.

      Also I love pumpkins.

      AND it got cool and crisp last weekend, so that was totally motivating.

      And I am obviously an enormous show off.

  2. I don't even own fall decorations. However, I do roll this out on the Facebook every year, it's tradition.

    So about the milk stress, may I ask why? Have you considered your daughter is not a baby cow and this is why she doesn't like it? ;) There SO many options other than cow milk! Sunshine and water! That takes care of your vitamin D! I have no clue what to do about calcium, sorry. I hate cow milk, it's gross, (love cheese though) and G can't have any dairy so we drink almond milk. It's marvelous!

    1. I love decorative gourd season.

      I'm actually 100% with you on hating cow's milk. It grosses me out. Though I also love cheese and yogurt. So I know it's not a huge problem. It's just that Zuzu transitioned seamlessly from mama milk to cow milk so I never felt bad when I quit pumping and sending mama milk to daycare with her. Now I'm running out of frozen mama milk and Coco is going to drink... water? I guess? We've tried coconut milk and almond milk and she's not a fan. I am going to get some rice milk and see how that goes... I'm trying not to stress about it because I KNOW there are kids who don't/won't/can't drink it who are perfectly healthy. I just wanted it to be easy!

  3. Love your outfit! I just can't put things together like that!

    1. All you have to do is shop the sale rack at Target. ;)

  4. So I still read your blog. But NEVER comment these days. On any of the blogs I read. It's awful!! And so unlike me!

    But I'm here with a smidge of sense in my brain left to comment ...and all I can come up with is that outfit is super cute. Lol. I love that you pair a bold solid pant that's NOT the same colour as the shirt!!! Your bottoms are neither white or navy!! Genius and daring and it freaking works! And I heart neon too. I actually bought a neon infinity scarf (at the dollar store for $3!! Score AND a rip off, apparently, ha!) at the beginning of summer...and didn't ever wear it! FYI, scarves make hot weather feel a helluva lot hotter. I'll have to work it into a fall know...paired with my glamours standard black tights and long tee's #sahmuniform

    Ok. My comment was long. Sorry!