Friday, September 25, 2015

Recap of the Week in Which David Attended Baseball Games and I Did Everything Else

Crafty Cousin Amanda texted me today to ask what was going on because the blog was silent.

The answer is NOTHING is going on, but also, of course everything. I seriously have not seen my husband to have more than a five minute conversation since Sunday.

So, here's a quick recap of my week for CCAmanda and anyone else who cares.

Monday, I left work early, knowing I'd be there all day the next day, and the girls and I spent some time outside and went for a stroller ride. David's dad came in town and David took him to the Cardinals game, so I was on my own for dinner, clean up, bathtime, bedtime.

Tuesday, I was at work from 8:30am until 10:30pm. BUT it was also the day that I went to dinner with Lea DeLaria, which just goes to show that being an English professor is very glamorous and basically the same thing as being a celebrity.

Really I was on the committee that organized her visit to our campus. She was gracious and funny and foul-mouthed ("Zero fucks given!") and her talk (part stand up comedy, part self-acceptance pep talk) was a successful event. But preparing for it was also time consuming and stressful and included a last-minute date change and I'm relieved that it is behind us and that it went really well.

And I have no shame, so I requested a selfie with Lea and she was super cool about it.

David went to an event at Zuzu's school Tuesday night, but his grandma had come in town to visit us (she's staying until next Tuesday) so she watched the girls while he was there and I was at work. In other words, David was not on his own for dinner, clean up, bathtime, and bedtime.

Wednesday was back to regular life for me (no more dinners with celebrities), except on less sleep than usual because I got home so late on Tuesday but was still feeling wired so stayed up to watch most of an episode of Castle before falling asleep with fifteen minutes to go, which is the story of my life when it comes to TV watching these days. It takes me an average of six attempts to make it all the through an hour-long show (40 minutes because I can fast forward commercials). I'm not even kidding.

Plus I woke up at 2:45am Wednesday morning feeling sick to my stomach, thought I was going to puke, popped two Tums, tossed and turned and moaned pitifully, then went back to sleep and woke up totally fine. Except tired.

Wednesday night I spent the evening at home alone with the girls while David and his grandma went to his league's championship baseball game. He pitched a shut out against a team that's averaged 12 runs a game all season. I'm sorry I missed it, but glad his grandma got to see it. The girls actually played together in the basement for a while, allowing me to work on sewing Zuzu's Halloween costume and we were in bed by 9:00pm.

Also, since David was at a baseball game, I was on my own for dinner, clean up, bathtime, and bedtime.

Yesterday, Thursday, I picked up the girls, sat in road construction traffic, and got home just in time to start fixing them dinner. David walked in the door, changed his clothes, and left to take his grandma to the Cardinals game.

Another baseball game. So I was on my for dinner, clean up, bathtime, and bedtime for the third time this week.

If the purpose of David's attendance at ballgames this week was to make me notice how much he contributes around the house, POINT TAKEN. He has been very missed this week. Both in terms of adult conversation and a second pair of hands.

Zuzu was actually on pretty good behavior this week (except for one day in the car when she was so pissed off that the Pandora radio wasn't playing songs from Frozen that she threw her milk cup at me and I had to take many deep breaths so that I wouldn't pick it up and pitch it right back in her face) so we really had a good time. I'm telling you, age 3 is SO MUCH easier than age 2 for this one. Milk cup throwing notwithstanding.

All week, though, we have been having lots of conversations about the Big Bad Wolf. It started with this crappy little tent that my mom picked up for her secondhand somewhere and we occasionally set it up outside for her to play in. Well, the top of it got torn because it's a cheap little secondhand tent. Zuzu was very perturbed and wanted to know what happened and how it got torn, and evidently my mom told her that the Big Bag Wolf blew it off.

Haha, funny joke, Grammy.

Except now Zuzu keeps asking me where the wolf was when he came to our house, if he was hiding in the garage ("By the lawnmower, Mommy?"), if he only comes after dark, if Daddy chased him away, if he lives way far away or in St. Louis... a million questions about the Big Bad Wolf and his geographical location. I'm trying to reassure her that since our house is made of bricks, he can't blow it down, but she pointed out the TV room (an addition the previous owners made) is not made of bricks (it has vinyl siding). So she's obviously concerned. I told her I'd chase the wolf away, and she said that she'd slap her hands together and say, "Get outta here, Wolf!" so it seemed like we'd settle the matter, but then a while later she'd bring it up again.

Nice work, GRAMMY.

Tonight we have no plans so we'll be back to a more equitable distribution of cooking and parenting duties, and I, for one, am thrilled about that.

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  1. My situation is different, but yah - I feel your pain. Now that it's fall, I'm starting to realize that I'm a "sports girlfriend." So many sports - all of which include some desire to not join the rest of us in real life. I love sports and want him to watch/take part, but it gets to be a bit much. :)