Friday, May 1, 2015


David and I share an obsession.

And it's not Game of Thrones or Gay of Thrones (my favorite re-cap) although we both enjoy both shows.

It's DIY peanutbutter.

There's this little, local grocery store not too far from my work that has a nut butter section where you select your own nuts and then run them through their machine to turn them into butter right in front of your eyes. Kind of like grinding coffee, except it doesn't require brewing.

This peanutbutter is magical. It is so incredibly delicious. The texture is in between crunchy and smooth--it's definitely not smooth, but the crunchiness is smaller. We love it so much.

And I love that nothing is added to it--it's just peanuts. So it has way less sugar and just as much protein as jarred peanutbutter.

It is the best food discovery we've made recently, and we can't get enough of it.


  1. We used to get grind-your-own peanutbutter when I was a kid. It was phenomenal.

  2. I agree - it's delicious. But we never make it because as soon as I see one of those machines I get nervous. I love to buy in the bulk food section of Whole Foods because I like buying the exact amount of all the crazy ingredients I use, but with the remodel of the store you walk right up to that section and there is dripping almond butter all over the place. Almond butter freaks me out.

    I hate food allergies.

    I do like natural peanut butter though (packaged in a factory somewhere!), and the girls eat it like nobody's business. When M and I were dating we used to write letters (how old-school), and we started drawing these elaborate PBJ prototypes - we thought we'd write a book one day on all the ways you can construct them. One of my favorite ways that M showed me was to smear PB on toast. I always thought PB&J was for cold sandwiches, and only jam goes on warm toast from the toaster, but once I had melty PB on warm toast it was all over.

  3. I ruined a blender making almond butter so if we had a local store that offered this, I would be obsessed as well. What a fun discovery.

  4. And... I make it myself. Because, when you buy a $350 blender, you better be able to make peanut butter in it.

    Do you eat it while it's still warm from the grinding? Uhhhhhmazing.