Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sunny Day Sunday

Well, it seems there is no nose picking advice and possibly no end in sight. Charming.

I wasn't going to write about this parenting fail because I am so ashamed of myself, but then I thought, what the hell. Possibly other people also make mistakes? Could that be true?

We went to Earth Day celebration in Forest Park on Sunday. It was lovely. The weather could not have been better. My friend Erin went with us so adults outnumbered kids which made things easier than they might have been. David wore Coco in the Ergo carrier and Zuzu ran around like a nut. She was actually being kind of a pill all day--she really wanted a coin purse and was not satisfied with the hair clips made from swimsuit remnants that I purchased for her. She only wanted to hold hands sometimes and although she made a show of putting on her listening ears (she really does touch each ear, it's super cute), they appeared to be not functioning very well.

Anyway, we walked around the booths and peeked in at the Montessori classroom, and picked up coupons and samples for green cleaning products and essential oils (I'm actually going to a class on essential oils tonight because I'm a crazy hippie). Then we got lunch and I was so happy that my favorite restaurant, Lulu's, had a food truck there.

We sat at a picnic table over looking some water and there were a lot of kids playing in the water and Zuzu wanted to get in on that action (of course) so David took her to walk around over there (she was wearing her rainboots) while I finished lunch. I sat with Coco on my lap and noticed that we were getting a lot of direct sun, so I draped a blanket over her head. A few minutes later, David came walking back over to the table, carrying Zuzu, who was screaming and flailing in his arms.

She'd wanted to get in the water, he said no, she kicked her boot in the water, he had to step in the water to get it, so basically they were both soaking wet and pissed off (for different reasons, obviously).

It was clearly time to leave, so we headed back to the car.

I left David at home with the girls and went to a coffee shop to work on the mountain of essays I have to grade. When I got home, I walked in the kitchen and Coco turned in her high chair to look at me and I gasped. Her face was BRIGHT RED. I asked David if it was a sunburn. David said no, she'd been crying before I walked in, so her face was red from exertion. I wasn't sure, but she didn't feel hot. I smeared lotion on her face before bed and hoped it would be faded in the morning.

The next morning proved him wrong. I almost cried when I saw her sunburned little face peering at me from her crib.

I really try not to judge people on their parenting choices. I know parents who let their kids cry it out love their kids as much as attachment parents do and blah blah blah. Basically, the only parenting choices I will judge are (1) giving pop to your baby and (2) not protecting your kids from the sun.

The thing is, it was 65 degrees out! We were all wearing long sleeves and pants! There was a cool breeze and warm sun. We were walking in and out of the shade. It was the most gorgeous day! And it's only April!

But both the girls got too much sun on their little faces.

Monday morning, I doubled down on moisturizer and sunblock (they loved that) and sent them to school in jackets and sunhats.

I feel absolutely terrible about the sunburns (and embarrassed that all the daycare teachers witnessed the evidence of my neglect). I wanted to be mad at David for not noticing all the sun Coco was getting, but I should have thought to put sunscreen and hats on both of them.

Lesson learned!

So... parenting mistakes you've learned from? Can you make me feel better about this? (By Tuesday, the burn had faded and I was able to joke to David last night that I wish I had a golden tan like Coco--but I also bought new sunscreen at Target and loaded up the diaper bag and the basket we keep by the back door.)


  1. I've totally been there with the sunburn! I always forget to buy sunblock early in the spring and supposedly those HUGE bottles are only good for a year!

  2. This happens to me on the first nice day out every. single. year. And I always feel really guilty about it too. But you didn't do it maliciously or carelessly and, like you said, you were mostly in the shade and it was 65 degrees! It could have happened to any of us.

    And if we had tried to eat next to water my kids would have been completely saturated, so HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS for the restraint (pun not intended).

  3. I don't think you should sweat it. I just can't bring myself to rub chemicals on their sweet little skin, though, so we do hats, shade, and off-peak exposure.

  4. I have to laugh a little at this, although I'm not laughing AT you. Totally been there. I eschew sun whenever possible (I personally loathe it) so I have this unusual ignorance when it comes to sun safety and the conflicting reports on whether sunscreen itself is safe just serve to confuse me further. I just do the best I can with it, limit wherever possible (not hard for me, more difficult for the sun-lovers in my house) and try to use common sense. Sidenote: TOTALLY used to hold little bits of pop in the straw with my finger and release the droplets on baby-o-mine tongues (I don't know, at like 10 months of age or so? 12 months? 9? Around there). Really, I judge myself, too. ;) It was just such a sweet novelty to see the firsts of so many different tastes...couldn't help myself! Nowadays, no one drinks pop around here unless for a special occasion (even me).

  5. Norm and I did a really bad one about a month ago; we were going up an escalator with both boys and I thought Norm had a hold of them both so I turned by back on them (they were behind) and then I heard a scream - Henry was falling down the escalators - I guess he didn't really have him. Luckily, he wasn't hurt, just scared and freaked out but the whole mall got to witness my parenting fail. Oops.

  6. I have the most adorable picture of my husband and two oldest kids, who were roughly kindergarten / 1st grade in age at the time, and all three of them are glowing red from sunburn. Like you said, it was a fairly cool day, not even summer time, but for crying out loud, WE WERE AT THE BEACH. How does anything forget sunblock AT THE BEACH?! I know at the time we told ourselves it would be just a quick trip... but I know better. Knew better. Damnit.

    Also, those are the two things I judge people for too... Score one for no-soda-drinking children!

  7. G is the rashiest person in existence and I couldn't find a sunscreen that didn't make her have an eczema flair up until she was 4 years old and we went to a dermatologist. Cue me being a crazy head about hats, shade, and all things sun related. I knew I needed to chill the hell out when I witnessed my 3 year old RUN from shady spot to shady spot screeching about how the sun was Touching! Her! like she was a vampire or something. Awkward.

  8. Also, my husband convinced G sprite was water, she put some in her mouth, then opened it horrified, letting it all spill on her shirt. So I win at the no pop thing, but also she doesn't, you know, WILLINGLY EAT FOOD, so I'm losing there. Burn.

  9. You're such a Midwesterner calling soda pop. But yeah, totally judge my SIL who gave her three year old MOUTAIN DEW. Not even just soda, like the worst possible one.

    You forgot, not intentionally hurtful or neglectful and you'll be much more vigilant as a result. Like I am with not leaving hot curling irons within reach of little fingers. Sigh.

  10. I've been there. I think the babyloss guilt makes normal parenting mistake guilt so much worse. Everyone makes mistakes. Slightly too much sun is a such a minor one that you did everything you could do to make better quickly, which it did.

  11. I was cutting strawberries for Owen the other day and brought them to him at the table, along with the knife, which I left at the table (for him to play with apparently.) I came back and thankfully the red mess at the table only contained berries, not blood. (Thank goodness I don't sharpen the knives as much as I'd like to.) As for sun - my mom actually asked me earlier this week if I was going to "let Owen get some sun this summer…because he's just SO WHITE." Um, really?!? Argh. She'd be proud of your Sun-day.

  12. (And dude, I gotta get a new google name - you've got a zillion Sarahs commenting here!)