Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So I Guess I'm an Early Riser Now*

*But it's only Day 2, so maybe it's too soon to tell.

All I can tell you for sure is that I woke up without my alarm at 6 am this morning. It might have had something to do with a little nugget of a baby rooting around in bed next to me, but instead of dozing back off into sleepiness during/after nursing her, I found myself still awake. And it was 6:15. Which is the time I got up on purpose yesterday to start the first day of my Real Semester. So I got out of bed.

David came in the bathroom after I'd already showered and was brushing my teeth. He said, "I thought you didn't have to go work today."

I said/mumbled around a mouthful of toothpaste and Sonicare, "I don't."

He said, "Then why are you up?"

After Sonicare quit buzzing and I spit, I told him that I've read that it's easier to get up early if you get up at the same time everyday and just train your body. Then you don't feel so tired.

He looked at me like I was crazy, but this is the guy who said to me last night that he heard in a podcast that you should quit screentime line an hour before bed because it messes with your brain chemicals.

Quick reader survey: Doesn't everyone ALREADY KNOW THIS? I mean, seriously. This newsflash came out in like 2008. I have mentioned it to David myself on multiple occasions.

But, he hears it in a podcast and all of a sudden IT MUST BE TRUE.

Whatever. I can only take on so many positive-life-changing habits at a time. 30 minutes of daily yoga and getting up at 6am are my limit. I need to do a little blog reading and IG-scrolling before bed.

After my bright and early morning, though, the day shone like a beacon of productivity. (That simile actually doesn't work here; my brain is possibly overtired from getting up so damn early.)

(Sidenote: One of my BFFs from college works in healthcare and literally has to get up at 4:30am three days a week to get herself and her kids up and out of the house in order for her to get to work on time. I am not exaggerating when I say that I would have to change careers if university professors were expected to get up at 4:30am.)

All this means is that I've done quite a lot of laundry (mostly thanks to Zuzu having a diaper leak last night--oh yes, we're still in diapers. I don't want to talk about it.)

Zuzu is at school today and so it's a Coco and Mama day, which is pretty fun except poor Cokes has the crud so her nose is producing snot and she even has a pathetic little cough that makes my heart ache to hear it. She enjoys having her nose wiped as much as you would imagine, so she is slightly pissed off at me right now. She is venting her rage by shredding a kleenex as I'm typing this.

[Quick typing break to remove soggy kleenex from baby mouth.]

In other Coco news, Girlfriend is sitting up by herself! I'd say that she has unprecedented core strength, but Zuzu was an Early Sitter too. Coco's big noggin still makes her a little unsteady, and she will occasionally careen into an impressive forward bend that she has to struggle to get out of, but at not even six months old, I'm declaring her #veryadvanced.

I can't remember if I've mentioned that my Crafty Cousin Amanda recently increased her level of craftiness by several magnitudes with the purchase of a vinyl cutter machine. She made this adorable dress for Zuzu by cutting out the iron-on phrase and putting it on a little dress I picked up for $7 on clearance at Old Navy.

The bigger news is that she is going to be opening at Etsy shop! I am possibly more excited than she is about this, and I keep texting her pictures of things I think she should make and sell in her shop. I will keep you posted so you can all buy all the things.

And when Zuzu is not being fierce, she is being quite sweet these days. She has started calling Coco "Cutie Pie" and "Sweetie Pie" which cracks us up because those are not endearments that we use, so she must have heard them at school. There's something shocking about hearing your kid say a phrase you know she's never heard you say--like "Oh, yeah. There are other influences in her life. I forgot."

Last night we were snuggling and she patted my shoulder affectionately and said, "I love you, Mommy. You're cute." And then my heart exploded.

A quick update on the spending freeze: It was a huge success, although I cheated a few times.

I am actually too embarrassed at the amount of money we saved to report it here, but it was far more than I expected. And this is with me contributing some cash to buy a post-mastectomy pampering gift for Beth, going out for pizza when my parents were here, picking up a pizza the weekend before that, and splurging on a small chai tea latte last Friday so that I could sit in a coffee shop and prep for the semester.

I figure if we can be conservative with our spending and allow for little splurges like pizza and lattes on occasion, we should be managing okay.

As soon as the freeze ended (this past Sunday for us), we used Christmas money for a big purchase:

It's the City Mini GT by Baby Jogger. We actually got a really good deal on it because we found it marked down online and a big box store in our area matched the price. We inadvertently got a better deal because we had intended to buy the regular City Mini double and that's the price they matched, but the box they brought out to our car, and that we took home and put together, was the GT. At first I was annoyed because the GT is heavier than the original by 6 pounds and the whole point of getting the City Mini (as opposed to something like the BOB) was that it is lighter and smaller. But the measurement is the same (72 cm across) and the GT handles better because the tires are rubber instead of plastic. With the old and uneven city sidewalks around our neighborhood, plastic tires would have made for a really rough ride for the girls. They were both pretty pleased with their new carriage.

So that's the updates around here. I'm off to prep for teaching Hamlet and a romantic ballad called The Daemon-Lover. It's nice when work is actually fun.


  1. I totally wake up around 7am every morning now, even on weekends. Christmas holidays threw me off a bit and I really noticed it. I have never ever ever been a morning person (not even at my 4am wake-up call for rowing days) but I feel like the consistent 7am thing I can handle. It really is easier once your body just DOES it by itself!

    But I fall asleep watching Netflix on my phone every night. That screen time thing is bunk at my house.

  2. Cute post! And kids!!

    The early riser thing / getting up at the same time thing..? I think it's true. It SUCKS, but it's proven to be true here in this house. I used to always try to catch an hour or two of extra sleep in the mornings after a tough night. If Daniel could work from home or it was a weekend, I'd try to sleep until 9-10. Well, as you might have guessed, even with the "extra" sleep, I was always so miserably tired.

    Daniel has been put on differnt hours since the new year, and working from home isn't as lax as it once was with a management shift...so good or bad, I'm up at 6:30-7 every morning. Sometimes earlier. And know what? I haven't felt as tired lately!! Theo isn't sleeping any better...but me getting up "early" every day makes me more tired for bed...so I guess I'm sleeping deeper? Better? Because I feel like I'm getting less sleep - but feeling well rested. Odd.

    My brother in law works for fedex, and he has to be downtown at 6:30 and lives in a suburb. And he wakes for 4am everyday. And works out. Insane!!!!

    I love that stroller!!! I have a love hate with our uppababy and always test out the GT city Mini when we are in baby stores. We aren't buying another stroller, but I take it around the store all like, "ooooo I like this". If we should ever need a double, I think this is our guy right here!

    The girls looks fantastic in it!

  3. We rent of those at Disney-- it is a sweet ride!

  4. M gets up between 4 and 4:30 every morning. He has a quiet setting on his alarm, and I've trained myself to sleep through it. My alarm goes off at 5:50, and I hit the snooze button twice in a row to get an extra twenty minutes. I stretch across the whole bed to hit the alarm (on the same clock), and so I just keep stretching and easing into the morning. Sometime during that 20 minute period I hear M leave, and I get out of bed to watch and wave to him from the window. Even if I just have a couple more minutes, I still stretch across the bed some more. At 6:10 I'm waking up E now that we have TWO morning schedules - one girl to school by 7, the other one not til 8:30.

    I've gotten to the point where the wake up time isn't terrible, but I really don't like loading the kids into the car at the street TWICE each morning. F's a pretty good sport, but she has to get into and out of coat/mittens/hat/boots twice each morning. At least it's now light when we head out the first time.

    I'm sitting down to my computer at work by about ten til nine, and I've been going non-stop for three hours already, and I haven't even started my work day. Some days it gets old, but then I just remember that M does the afternoon runaround, errands, clubs or sports practices, the gym, or home to get kids bathed and dinner prepped, so it's even in the end. And sometimes they are tired and grouchy, so there's that.

  5. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited for CCA's ETSY shop. Please tell me she's calling it "Crafty Cousin Amanda's ETSY shop"

  6. Awesome new about the Etsy shop!

    Oh I hear ya. My kids are up 6-6:30 every day so I am up by 6am.

    We have the full size double City Elite and LOVE it!


  7. ^ I'm with Caroline! I'm buying!

    Love the Sweetie/Cutie Pie comment. so adorable!
    We mostly get a lot of, "Gacey tooted. Gacey pee pee on floor. Look- Poop!" ha!

  8. Your cousin is legit. I'm totally impressed. Love their new ride. It's only 5cm smaller than my double BOB. And those rubber tires? Essential. I'm thrilled for your new purchase and love the side-by-side.