Monday, January 5, 2015

First Day of the New Semester

So my first day back to work was preceded by the worst night's sleep. I'm sure a lot of it was anxiety, but a lot of it was that we put fleece sheets on our bed and OMG. WAY TOO HOT. I couldn't handle it. I thought I would love the soft coziness, but it turns out, I like crisp, cool sheets and the weight of the duvet to keep me warm. This fleece has got to go. Switching sheets tonight.

Zuzu twisted the knife in my heart last night when I was reading Baby Listens to her before bed. I love this little rhyming book with its sweet illustrations. On the last page, Baby is looking out the window and hears the rain going "pitter patter patter." You can't see Baby's face, just the back of his head, and he's looking out the window at the street.

Zuzu says, "Oh, Baby sad. He at school. Him mama left him. Him mama go to work."


I was like, "Um, why is Baby sad? He's going to have fun at school! He's going to play with his friends and his teachers!"

She kind of mumbled something and didn't seem too put out by Baby being sad, but of course I felt terrible.

This morning I had to wake Zuzu up much earlier than she would have preferred and as I was brushing her hair she asked me if it was a stay at home with Mama day. I said no, bracing myself for protest, but she didn't seem to mind. Still, this adjustment to life after two weeks of lounging at home or at grandparents' houses with both Mommy and Daddy around is not very easy!

Coco was quite cheerful this morning, had a huge poop when she woke up, and when she barfed (after we were both dressed, of course) she just barely got some on her sleeve and managed to miss me entirely, so that was a win. 

She was asleep in her car seat when I left her in the infant room, and I felt bad about that because I hate the idea of her waking up bewildered and wondering where she is and where her mama went, but I also liked the idea of her peacefully passing time snoozing her car seat.

I called at noon to check on her and the teachers assured me she was doing just fine. I didn't hear her shrieking in the background, so that was a good sign, and then they posted some pictures of her looking a little confused but not fussy as she lay around on the mats with a couple other babies, so I felt better.

When I picked her up, she was totally chill in a swing and she had happily taken two of the three bottles I sent with her (which was what I'd hoped she would take).

All in all, I would say her first day was a success! It's funny because I'm sure she was fussy, but I just feel so much better since I didn't actually witness it. If she'd been crying when I left or when I got there to pick her up, I'd probably be feeling sick over it. But I'm relieved that her teachers really felt like she had a great first day.

Thanks for all the supportive comments on my last post. I was actually getting teary-eyed about some of them! (Emotions were running pretty high yesterday!) My work situation is probably about as ideal as it could be, so no complaints here. Just rolling with the adjustment period of a new phase in a new year. Onward!


  1. So glad to hear that the day went smoothly for all of you. Onward, indeed!

  2. I get hot in fleece sheets, too. Even if it is 8 billion degrees below zero outside. Bite me, Chicago winter!

    I love that Coco looked a little bewildered and laughed when you said she did... because I've never actually seen a photo of Coco not looking bewildered. ;)

    Glad today is over for you and the bandaid has been pulled. You'll get your groove, you know, as long as you change those sheets.

  3. Oh Zuzu! Don't worry, she won't be scarred from you working! I was in daycare my whole childhood except summers (and my parents even had my brother in the nicu for 2 months when I was about 3 so my mom went to work, and then the nicu every night while my dad took care of us..) Don't remember any of that!
    Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  4. Good for you for getting through it!!!

  5. Matt jokes fleece sheets would give him heat stroke. I realize now he might be right.

    Toddlers. THey know exactly what to say to just destroy you.