Monday, October 13, 2014

Microblog Monday: Chatbooks & Instagram

They say that today's kids are the most photographed ever, and that is certainly true for my kids.

I take most of their photos with my phone because it's easy and convenient, and I frequently post pictures of them on Instagram. In fact, I'm totally the Instagrammer who only posts pictures of my kids and occasionally my dog. It's such an easy way to share photos with family and friends. I even bookmarked my Instagram page on David's grandma's desktop computer so she can click on it to see pictures of the girls.

The problem with taking countless photos is that it's hard to keep on top of getting any of them printed! I've still been (sporadically) printing traditional 4x6 photos for albums, although I'm seriously thinking about switching to creating a photo book every six months or so and only printing a few snapshots. Thinking is the operative word though--finding time to actually sit down and order prints or create photo books has not happened recently!

But I found out about Chat Books, so at least some photos are getting printed. It's an app that links up to Instagram. Chat Books offers a subscription that automatically creates and prints a mini-photo book for you every time you post 60 pictures on Instagram. (For me, this is every 3 months or so). With a subscription, it's $6 a book. Free shipping.

And the best part is, I don't have to think about it! They send me a notification, I have three days to delete any photos I don't want and select my cover photo, and then it's printed and mailed to me. Couldn't be easier, and they sure are cute. 

(This may be needless to say, but this isn't sponsored and they don't know me.)

Do you print photos regularly? How do you keep them organized? I really need to get a system going...

Want to sign up for Chatbooks?


  1. OMG I am signing up for this right now! What a great idea!

    I was always good at printing pics monthly through when I had a baby in the house b/c I updated their baby books every month. But since Dorothy turned 1, no printing has happened!

  2. That is such a brilliant idea.

    I'm terrible at printing pictures. Or doing anything to organize them. We have thousands upon thousands. The only time I get myself together is after a trip: then I print and organize the ones from the trip.

  3. You have lovely girls. I have the same problem with the printing of the pictures, you take so many and the amount to get them all is exuberant :)

  4. I haven't tried it yet, but people are raving about Groovebook. $2.99 a month (including shipping). photobook automatically sent each month. I'm not sure the quality is amazing, but the price is right. nice for the kids to be able to look at etc. if you don't have 100 photos, they repeat.

  5. I use an app called FreePrints - it gives you about 80 prints free each month and they charge minimal shipping. I love that since I primarily use my phone for pictures, there's an easy way to get them printed. However, I love the idea of the photo book!

  6. I don't print anything unless specifically requested to any more. And even the ones specifically requested, I don't get around to. To top it off, we have a professional photo printer at work that needs more use in order for it to work well, so I could legitimately print photos EVERY DAY. But I don't.

    The Instagram book is a great idea!

  7. This is an adorable post. I love Coco's "Zuzu's NEW SIDEKICK" shirt- so cute!

  8. Are you freakin kidding me with the adorableness of these pics? Holy cow! Thanks for the tip. I hope you get an unsolicited endorsement deal out of this, actually ;)

  9. I used to be really good about it when I had just 1-2 kids. Now with 4, I don't print photos nearly as often as I should! We do get professional photos done a few times a year.

    I also signed up for GrooveBook (saw them on Shark Tank lol.) They are $3 a month and they basically print up to 100 photos each month off your IPhone. If you don't have 100 they take let's say 60 and just repeat them. It comes in a cute little book and you can tear the pages out if needed.

    I love it as I have our camera, but I take so many bday pics, holiday pics and random pics on my phone!


  10. I try to upload photos from my cameras once a month. I put them in folders by month and then by year. Also, you need to back up your photos ( I put mine on cd's) so that if your computer or phone dies you don't lose everything. I print photos for the kids and family scrapbooks about once a season . I do the family scrapbook project life style--- pocket pages and cards for journaling.

  11. Why wouldn't you take tons of photos -- your girls are adorable!

    I used to get all of my photos printed & put them into photo albums. Doubles, even, which I either gave away or used for scrapbooking. I was meticulous about labelling & filing the negatives away. Once I got a digital camera, I was paranoid about losing my photos, so I back up religiously to a portable hard drive (still do) & make backup CDs for my mom & SIL for safekeeping. I have a couple of memory cards that I swap around & I never delete the images on the card until I am ready to re-use it. I download photos from my camera to my computer as soon as I can after the fact. They get automatically filed into folders according to date. I will generally add a brief descriptor after the date (e.g., Zuzu's 2nd bday), then file them into folders according to month & then year.

    For a long time, I kept getting prints made of ALL my photos. However, as you note, I was taking many more photos (because I can...!) & they were piling up pretty fast. I stopped getting the doubles about five years ago, because I was so far behind on my scrapbooking, nevermind getting pictures labelled & into plain old photo albums (I am about 10 years behind on THAT...!). I stopped getting prints done at all about a year & a half ago. I am thinking about photo books with selected highlight photos as an alternative (& while I'm not on Instagram, I like the idea of an instant book!). There is something about having a photo album of some kind on hand to flip through or show to a visitor. Harder to do on a computer or phone screen!