Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Copying Janet at Love is Blonde, here's what I've been up to:


David's grandma was visiting (she arrived Thursday afternoon). After six weeks of basically being a sloth with a baby on my boob (and feeling JUST FINE about it, because as we discussed at the last La Leche meeting I went to, nursing a baby is work), having another adult in the house kind of kicked me into gear. Not only did I have things to get done, but I had an extra pair of hands that was more than happy to hold the baby.

So I took Zuzu to the shoe store--just the two of us--and got her a cute pair of silver StrideRite mary janes (or, as she calls them, sparkle shoes!) for fall. I had planned to get tennis shoes, but she demonstrated a preference for the mary janes and I figure she can wear them with anything she could wear tennis shoes with, plus tights and dresses so maybe they're actually more useful. But she still needs some kind of bootie or sensible closed shoe for winter. I saw a couple styles I loved at the shoe store but I had a little bit of sticker shock (kids shoes cost as much as adult shoes, you guys!) so we're waiting on those and watching Zulily.

But just so you know, I have my eye on these.

Zuzu was well-behaved at the shoe store, although she needed a minute to warm up to the sales lady. When the lady started to measure her foot, Zuzu said, "No, Mama's turn!" But I explained it was actually the sales lady's turn and I'd stand right next to her and then it went just fine.

After the shoe store, we stopped by home so Coco could have some mama-milk and then I took Zuzu to the park before lunch.

While the girls were napping and Gma Peggy was watching Days of Our Lives, I decided to use up the peaches in our fridge and make a peach cobbler. The recipe called for four cups of sliced peaches. I ended up having a bit more than that (maybe five cups?) but I figured more fruit couldn't hurt, so I threw it all in.

(Side note: I suck at peeling peaches and tried to do that thing where you boil then and then put them in ice water but it didn't really work so David's grandma peeled and sliced them for me. She also mocked my lack of culinary skills, but I'm used to that by now.)

AND it bubbled over onto the bottom of the oven.

Because of course it did.

And then the oven started smoking.

Because of course it did.

And then David's grandma freaked out because messes of any kind make her lose her mind. I seriously shouldn't have even attempted to bake something with her here. Too stressful for both of us. 

I would have let it go (I mean, eventually it will just burn up and quit smoking, right?) but Gma Peggy insisted I call David and have him buy oven cleaner on the way home.

So then she cleaned my oven. With super chemically spray that I would have never ever used.

And I had a beer with dinner.


David's parents are also here and this morning we are heading downtown to walk around the ballpark village by Busch stadium. David's mom is a huge Cardinal fan, so she's looking forward to this.

This afternoon we're going to brave the crowds and head up to Forest Park to watch the hot air balloon race. We're not going to attempt to get close to the launch site, but plan to take sandwiches and spread blankets out for a picnic on the other side of the park. 


We are heading to Grant's Farm with the girls and grandparents. I'm excited for Zuzu to see the elephant show and I might even sip a free Summer Shandy. With highs in the 80's, it kinda feels like our last summer weekend, so we are making the most of it.


  1. Love those boots-- am also considering them for Dorothy, but in the meantime, she is wearing the cutest Minnetonka fringe booties (that were only $30!) Gap also has the FUNNIEST tall leather riding boots for toddlers-- I tried them on her, but they were thigh highs, which was also hilarious. I am with David's grandma-- oven mess makes me crazy. I always just use baking soda to clean it or the horrifying self-clean cycle.

  2. What size shoe is Zuzu? I might be able to hook you up with some cute ones. Annie blazed through winter boots/shoes and some are hardly worn. She's a 9.5 now. She turned 3 in May.

  3. I need to buy my boys some shoes for a wedding they are in and I fear I might have to actually take them to a store (instead of finding something online). Kind of dreading this milestone!

  4. Ummmm. Yeah, I wouldn't have used that cleaner either. Because, WHAT IS IN THAT STUFF? But I totally laugh at her being a control freak and cleaning your oven.

    Those shoes are cute and I can't wait to see Zu in the mary janes. :)