Friday, July 4, 2014

Two Years in Pictures

Hope anyone reading this is having a very happy 4th of July! (Or just a nice Friday, if you're Canadian or Australian).

For a weird flashback to July 4, 2009--the time before kids, grief, and life getting complicated--check this out. (Spoiler alert: I was just as dorky in 2009 as I am now.)

Anyway, the real point of this post is another kind of walk down memory lane. Zuzu-style.

Remember this?

I did not get a video made this year, so that may not be an annual tradition for us (although I tink it's a sweet one).

I did, however, take a sh*tload of photos!

I mentioned before that I love documenting Zuzu. We did the monthly onesies + stickers her first year (which reminds me, I should probably order some stickers for Rerun...)

We've ditched the stickers (and the onesies), but I've been continuing the tradition of taking her picture each month in the same chair.

It's by no means perfect--the chair keeps getting moved around, I never remember what camera angle to use or how close up to get, our new house doesn't have as much nice natural light as our old house did because the street is so shady, and depending on her mood, Zuzu can be more or less cooperative, so for every cute shot I get, I also have about twenty pictures that get deleted.

But even when I get frustrated (or her outfit isn't as cute as I wish it were, in retrospect), I never regret sitting her down each month on the 29th (or as close to the 29th as I remember) and taking a picture of our darling girl.

13 months

14 months

15 months

16 months

17 months

18 months

19 months

20 months

21 months

22 months

23 months

Do you guys do this kind of regular documentation, or do you like to keep your photos spontaneous? Do you think I can keep it up this year? It would be really convenient if Rerun decided to be born on July 29th...


  1. The pictures are adorable. Keep doing them!!

    We did every month for the first year (+ one month, because she turned 13 months in South Africa, and South Africa was the 13th country we visited with her, so how could I not?) and then every 3 months for the 2nd year, and now we're doing every 6 months. I'll probably continue that until, oh, age 5 or so, and then switch to yearly. But I love them, and regularly flip through them, and am so glad I did them.

  2. I've just made sure I have pictures from every month in every year labeled in photos and also uploaded to shutterfly in labeled month/year folders since the very beginning. I haven't concerned myself with particular days except for the holidays and birthdays. I'm a documenting freak, too, but have not been regular about professional photos. (I do the same thing with video, but I'm less strict about frequency there.) But my daughter was born in 2006. I seriously have over 20,000 photos in my shutterfly account. It sure gets ridiculous fast... ;)

  3. I did them for the first year with a sticker and in the same armchair with a white onesie. I was very particular about it too. It HAD to be on the 23rd, or it wasn't a "proper" documentation!! lol. I'm a little crazy. I did the same thing for his 13th and 14th month and am going to keep at it all year if I can. And so far they've been in whatever I had him wearing. I've collaged the individual photo shoots and right now the 13th and 14th months are on the fridge and i'm happy I kept it up.

    I wish I had a tripod and some predictable lighting in the spot where i take Theo's pic, because when I had them all printed for his 1st bday, they didn't look as perfectly "watch me grow" as id pictured. So I went in and edited lighting and cropped... A little crazy, but a good crazy.

    I saw someone's blog who did this with her daughter for 5 years!! It looks adorable and cute and perfect and I think she made a quilt for her 5th bday.

    Keep it up as long as you can! I'm going to do the same!!

  4. I saw keep it up as long as you can. I did monthly pics of Finn (with Roscoe) for a year and have been taking three monthly pics of Mary (because I couldn't decide! I have rainbow leggings for one, a different legging for the other, and one on her quilt for the third). I'd like to take pictures of her in the same leggings next year as well. I love these sort of things

  5. i love that you kept doing this. love the zuzu pics. especially month 20 lol

  6. I love this! It's so cool to see Zuzu growing up in pictures all together like that! Thanks for posting this!

  7. I did monthly pics for the first year on the same quilt, different ones for each kid. ( Does that make sense?) When the older one got really scared of the portrait studio, I did them at home, just hanging a twin sheet up, and using natural light.