Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Two-Year-Old

I posted this on instagram, but have to share the most darling two-year-old ever. Please ignore my morning voice:

After the splish-party and post-nap, the festivities continued at home. Zuzu came downstairs to see a useful and not-at-all-obnoxious gift from Uncle Buck:

As improbable as it sounds, inflatable dinosaurs are sort of a running joke in our family. It goes back to the year that Uncle Buck got an inflatable dinosaur for his birthday from our Aunt Terri.

He was super into dinosaurs and seemed to love the gift (Aunt Terri is a good gift-giver), but my mom was a little worried that a 6' tall inflated T-Rex might kinda freak him out once the lights went out and he was in bed by himself. So when she tucked him in that night, she emphasized how nice the dinosaur was and said, "T-rex will watch over while you sleep tonight!"

Brandon nodded and replied quite matter-of-factly, "Now I won't need Jesus anymore."

And now my family has a running joke about inflatable dinosaurs replacing one's need for Jesus.

Anyway, Zuzu loved the dinosaur more than I expected her too. She was excited to have her picture taken with it. Then we had this conversation:

Me: Zuzu, what do you think we should name your dinosaur?

Zuzu: (silence)

Me: Don't you think your dinosaur needs a name? What would be a good name for a great big dinosaur?

Zuzu: Caroline!

Once the initial thrill of the inflatable dinosaur (possibly named Caroline) had subsided, it was time to turn the corner into the dining room and see...

the play kitchen!

Getting straight to business.
Making pancakes
And making tea
And then there were a few cards and presents to open from out-of-town family.

This was an adorable dress that Aunt Peggy got for her in Hawaii!
And then it was time for cake. We sang happy birthday to her and sat her at the kitchen table to blow out the candles on her cake.

TWO little ducks 

Aren't they cute? 
I realize now that we hadn't really prepped her for this. See these cute little ducks, Zuzu? LET'S LIGHT THEM ON FIRE!


Are you guys sure this is a good idea?
She kept saying, "No, Mama! Hot! HOT!" and then only blew very tentatively at the candles.

Blowing from a safe distance. We're thankful she plays with water and not with fire. 
But once the fire was out, she was more than happy to dig into her cake.

Happy Birthday, Zuzu!

We love you even more than you love cake!
I know she won't remember this birthday, but I hope all of them are just this happy.

In front of the baby-head banner I made for her first birthday and will display for every single birthday from now on.


  1. I do not think I have laughed so hard in ages!! The Jesus replacement...the ducks on fire! I swear that little sideways glance she gave you is identical to the one Lillian gives me on a daily basis.

    Happy Birthday Zuzu! You may not know it now but you have a wonderful and hilarious family.

  2. I saw a comment on IG about "now she won't need Jesus" and meant to ask. Hilarious!

    What happy memories.

  3. oh so much laughter!! The video! "I two!", the Jesus-replacing-dino, the "No, Mama! Hot!"! She is just adorable and I can't get enough of hearing about her!


  4. Both the family Jesus joke and Zuzu having a bad reaction to ducks on fire have made my day.

    You're really killing it with these posts, Brooke. I'm not going to need any more comic relief if you keep this up. Please and thank you.

  5. What a great birthday and THAT BANNER! A baby head banner. Amazing.

  6. I am dying! This was so funny, poor Zuzu and her flaming ducks!

  7. Oh my Brooke! This is so funny! I remember giving "Uncle Buck" the dinosaur but had no idea he thought he wouldn't need Jesus anymore! EEEEK! Then the look she gives you when you set the ducks on fire! Cracked me up! She has the most expressions of any little girl I've ever seen! I wish we were closer so I could enjoy more than just the pictures and posts!

  8. Her expressions with the candles are priceless! Love that little girl!

  9. The ducks on fire is hilarious! And who wudda thought little innocent ducks set on fire would be questioned by a 2 year old!?! Lol!

    And the Dino and Jesus connection...classic Duckworth humor right there.

    This was the best recap !

  10. OMG, where did you get those ducks?! My daughter would kill for them!