Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Conversations With Zuzu Part I

Turning two has made Zuzu quite the conversationalist. We are constantly cracking up at the comments she makes. She also has a funny knack of responding to questions I ask David (like, "So do we want to plan on broccoli with pasta for dinner tomorrow?") with a very adult-sounding, "Yeah."

Here are a few other conversations we've had recently:

* * *

Me: What did you do at school today?

Zuzu: No pushing, Mama!

* * *

Me: What do you want for dinner?

Zuzu: Chicken!

David: Anything else?

Zuzu: Pancakes!

David: (laughing) Is that it?

Zuzu: (pauses for a beat) BEER!

(So, basically she's ready for college.)

* * *

Scene: Daycare pick-up. Another girl in her class (whom we will call Andrea) is standing near the door when I step inside.

Zuzu: (gesturing emphatically) No, Andrea! No! MY bye-bye!

* * *

Scene: in the car - car seat now facing forward

Zuzu: Tissue, please, Mama.

(Not really a conversation, but I couldn't believe that she requested a kleenex AND said please!)

* * *

Scene: Zuzu playing a favorite game on the patio, which consists of her getting in her Cozy Coupe and pretending to leave and return home.

Zuzu: Bye-bye, Mama!

Me: Bye-bye! I love you!

Zuzu: (drives about six inches) Zuzu home! Hi Mama!

Me: Hi, Baby!

Zuzu: Hi, Baby-Mama!

* * *

Scene: At the condo my parents rented over the weekend. We were driving from their condo up to the pool, which wasn't far but was a very steep hill. Zuzu was not happy when she realized that my parents were driving separately. "Bop" is what she calls my dad. This conversation did NOT amuse me at the time, but is funnier in retrospect.

Zuzu: NOOOOOO! Bop! Bop!

Me: Honey, Bop is going to the pool. He's just driving his own car.


Me: There's not enough room for everyone in our car, so Grammy and Bop are taking their own
car but we'll see them in just a minute.


Me: (sighing) Zuzu, Bop is not going to want to play with you if you keep whining and crying.

Zuzu: (points at me) Mama! Get out!


  1. I love her and her sassiness. I have enough sassy in my house, so I just adore reading about her because I totally understand and also don't have to worry about disciplining. ;)

    Though these conversations are really all just hilarious.

  2. Hi, baby-mama! Haha... I mean, she's not wrong. Especially in your current state.

    She's awesome.

    Literally every time miles and I drive somewhere together Finn will ask me if I want to drive daddy's car instead. "Mama, you not want to ride in did car? You drive daddy's car" ugh, no jerk face, mama DOES want to ride in this car.