Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photo Session - One Year

We met up with Katie Beach in Forest Park last weekend.  She took Zuzu's newborn, six month, and now one year photos.  She has done an amazing job each time--you may remember these?

Nine days old...

6 months later...

Although we had the pictures taken in our home for logical reasons--the summer Zuzu was born we had a heatwave so it was over 100 degrees out, and her six-month photos were taken in the middle of winter--I love those pictures because it's such a lovely keepsake of where we lived at that time.  As much as I like that setting, though, I'm head over heels for the photos that she took in Forest Park near the Muny.

(For those of you who aren't local:  The Muny is a large outdoor amphitheater and each summer there are musical productions there on a weekly basis--this summer's line up includes Les Miserables and Mary Poppins.  You can buy tickets for good seats or you can get there early and snag a free seat in the way back--which is what David and I usually do when we go because we are cheap frugal.)

Outside pictures are always lovely to me, and of course Forest Park is a special place for our family.  Eliza's tree happens to be planted close to the Muny, so that's where we started for our photo session.  Her tree is behind Zuzu in the first two pics you'll see if you click the link below.

Other insider information:  I'm wearing my Eliza & Caroline necklace, Zuzu's yellow and orange romper was a gift, the little flowered dress I picked up at Marshall's for $3, and the little yellow dress in the last photos was purchased at Macy's on her very first shopping trip when she was about two weeks old.  Memories...

Also, if you're looking for a St. Louis photographer, I can't say enough good things about Katie.  Her work speaks for itself, but her personality is sweet and funny and she makes us feel very comfortable.  That makes it easy for us to just act like our dorky selves and then somehow Katie works her photography magic so we come out looking pretty cute--or the baby steals the show so you don't really notice us so much.  Either way, she's awesome.  For $300 you can get a photo session ($100) and the entire CD of photos ($200), which is really a steal of a deal.  (And she did not ask me to say that, nor am I getting comped for this session--we just keep paying her because we like her and her photos).

Okay:  Check out my gorgeous baby here at Katie's blog.


  1. Gorgeous! You all look terrific!

    (and a steal-- we pay over 1k for that and get fewer images!)

  2. First, we have a Forest Park here in IN and also a photographer we love named Kayte lol. Second, oh my did those pictures with Eliza's tree in the background make my heart melt and ache at the same time. Oh and I think my now 3 year old daughter had that same yellow and orange romper or very similar as a baby!


  3. I'm not sure I've ever seen more joy on a child's face.

    Those photos were her sticking her cute little tongue out are the best. Well, I like all of them, but you know!

  4. Oh I love them, especially the ones by Eliza's tree. (Almost) perfect.

  5. I love the ones of Zuzu and her Daddy! So very sweet! Such joy radiates from all the photos. Happy birthday Zuzu.

  6. AW each one is cuter than the last! Amazing, so adorable! What a gorgeous family!!!!! I love the one that it looks like Zuzu is pumping her fist and the one where she's doing the "I don't know" hands!

  7. I wish Katie Beach lived in Texas.

    That Zuzu is one darling little babe. Love them all.

  8. ^^^^^^ ummmmm, not just some random and creepy guy named David. Apparently his email was logged in and I did not check!!! Sorry! :) But seriously, cute pics.

  9. Those pictures are beautiful. I run up the Muny hill a lot (well, before my current booted foot status) and I love it up there. That was one of my projects - the renovation of that upper space with all the columns and the sound and light booth. Maybe I'll catch Eliza's tree sometime as I run by.

  10. Just Beautiful. Zuzu is a gorgeous little girl

    You think Katie will do a house call in toronto? Her work is great!

  11. These pics are all awesome! Zuzu us super cute :) Wish we could use her too!

  12. I'm glad you don't have to choose just one or two. these are absolutely adorable.

    The pictures in front of Eliza's tree made me tear up- so sweet.

    And such great photos of you + David.

    Walking- these babies are growing too fast!

  13. You have an impossible job!!! How are you going to decide which ones to frame??? They are all fabulous!!

  14. Lovely pics. We love the muny as well. I love how she is looking exactly like you, specially with all that hair. maybe you need a big room just to display these awsome pictures!! Love that yellow dress too. What a bargain for 3$!!