Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Friday

(Disclaimer:  I'm not vowing to post a photo every Friday.  I'm just indicating that it's Friday and here is a photo.)

Zuzu's "school" frequently e-mails us pictures of what the kids do all day.  This week's fun including playing with a water table (they cover them in these little blue smocks--it's totally adorable).  There may have been one photo of Zuzu elbowing a friend out of the way so she could take over splashing...

But I really liked this one:

In case you can't read the title on the poster, it says, "Please Be Careful With the Future" (a sweet message for a daycare, no?).  I love how closely she appears to be studying this pro-conservation poster.  That's my cloth-diaper-wearing baby environmentalist!

Also:  the day this picture was taken the high was 85.  Today Zuzu had to wear a sweater cardigan and get bundled up under a blanket in her car seat.  Le sigh.


  1. I love watching little ones stare at images like this - on posters or books. Frances looked at one of Ella's books on crocodile anatomy for thirty minutes last night - just staring at the photos, completely engrossed.

  2. Ugh, weather. Good job not using a coat in the car seat though!

    So cute! She'll probably grow up to join the Peace Corps and everything!