Friday, April 5, 2013


Things I've Done on Spring Break:

- traveled to Arizona and back
- attended two baseball games
- watched a zillion more baseball games on television
- played peek-a-boo
- laid a peaceful baby in her crib, where she went right to sleep
- wrestled an angry baby who did not want to get in her crib
- slept with a baby in my bed because I was too tired to deal with it
- helped my friend paint her living room "perfect greige" over a color that I like to call "bloody maroon"
- sold myself on the wonders of Sherwin Williams paint (the coverage is amazing!) Paint: You Get What You Pay For
- watched my baby (who was relatively immobile just two weeks ago) crawl across the room and pull herself up on a chair
- intervened for the umpteenth time to keep the crawling baby from crawling toward sleeping Little Mac
- cleaned up Little Mac's accidents (OMG it's getting bad you guys.  We've decided she will have to be confined to the tiled kitchen anytime we leave the house but that's easier said than done...)
- steamed cleaned the floors (now that the baby is not confined to a quilt on the floor, I'm so uncomfortably aware of how quickly our floors get dirty--and that's not even counting Little Mac's bathroom issues, which GROSS.ME.OUT)
- unpacked and done many loads of laundry
- put away laundry
- packed a couple of boxes of things (!)
- discovered and returned a book I borrowed from a La Leche group back in October
- read three books--the new John Grisham, Daring Greatly, and Unbroken
- extensively researched (by which I mean "browsed on pinterest") paint colors and decorating ideas for the new house
- started brainstorming ideas for Zuzu's birthday party
- made the switch back from disposable diapers while traveling to cloth diapers while at home (I used these disposable diapers while in Arizona and I liked them better than any other brand we've tried--which includes Seventh Generation, Huggies, and Luvs)
- eaten at least 50% of my meals not at home
- dropped baby off at day care to go to a coffee shop and grade essays (I have 55 of them in a huge folder)

Things I've Not Done on Spring Break
- graded essays


  1. So glad to hear you like those diapers because I just signed up for them for Dorothy and Cooper. Ben won;t do cloth, which pisses me off, but this way at least I can cut down on my Target trips :) 7th Gen are fine, but they look dirty.

  2. I don't blame you on the essay grading.

    And I second the good paint proclamation. There's no comparison. Get on SW's mailing list for the new house - they constantly send out 30% off postcards - and there's a store right near your house. The Duration line in Matte is beautiful, and worth every penny.

  3. Essays, shmessays. You'll get to them. Sounds like a pretty full and mostly wonderful spring break!

  4. What was the new John Grisham one like? The title doesn't sound like his usual stuff. Any good? I love what quick reads his are.

    We should book swap. While you read your 100 books and I read my 30. ha. I'm so ambitious. I'm finishing No Easy Day - by the Navy Seal who was on the mission to find UBL.

  5. The last item cracked me up. You've been very productive, regardless! Glad you had a good vacation!

  6. Wow!that is awesome! I am just so lazy ... you inspire me, Brooke!( to not be lazy)