Monday, March 25, 2013

On the Move

I'm calling it.  After days of scooting, scooching, rolling, stretching, and worming across the floor, we officially have a crawler.  It's still a belabored and awkward crawl, but she is on the move!

And yes, she crawled for my iphone.  How did anyone ever get babies to crawl in the time before cell phones?  

She's not moving too quickly yet--crawling is still a deliberate and high-effort activity, which is good because we are hoping to be moved before she's mobile enough that we need to childproof this house.

We're still not sure how to childproof Little Mac, so we are vigilant about keeping a respectful distance between baby and little white dog.

As for a house and moving update...  I'm hesitant to say anything because we all know that nothing is set in stone until we actually close BUT... we do have a closing date and two contracts in the works.

That's right:  we accepted an offer on our house and made an offer that was accepted on another house.  So now I'm just holding my breath until we sign the papers and everything is really truly official.

We were incredibly lucky to get an offer on our current house after it had been on the market exactly a week.  We had four showings in the first week and then an open house on Sunday and we got the offer right after our open house.  This was a HUGE relief because keeping the house in show-ready levels of cleanliness was taxing enough, but even more complicated was the issue of coaxing the dogs out to the garage where they wailed like coyotes while other people walked through our home and we tried to figure out where we could go to entertain a baby during what should have been nap time.

Of course the offer is not what we wanted to get.  It's essentially what we paid for this place when we bought it NINE years ago, and we've poured a lot of love and more than a little bit of money into making this place our own.  I cried a lot the night we accepted the offer.  I think the reality of moving was sinking in and we all know that I'm not a huge fan of change. Even changes that I want!  But mostly I was also frustrated at the idea of putting in so much time and effort and money only to have nothing to show for it--although it was nothing like the grief of losing a baby, it felt kind of like the continuation of a theme:  Follow the "rules," be responsible, try to do everything right, and still the universe (or housing market) is still going to shit on you...  

So I gave myself a little pity party.  And then I got over it.  It's only money, right?  In the long run, it is JUST a house and we're lucky that it sold quickly, we're lucky that our mortgage wasn't ever under water, and frankly I think we're lucky that the buyers seem to really love our house--we learned from our realtor that they canceled another offer they were making after they saw our place.  It's an older couple who's retiring and downsizing and the wife kept saying, "I'm just smitten!" as she looked around our house.  I feel good about selling to someone who uses the word "smitten."

Plus the sale of this property allowed us to to make an offer on a house we love, and the crappy housing market allowed it to be in our price range.  You lose some, you win some, right?  

So... the new house!  After much consideration and Sunday afternoons spent driving around to various suburbs and imagining potential commutes, we ended up choosing a house that's only about five minutes from where we currently live.  That's right!  We decided to stay in the city.  We love the house, we love the neighborhood, we love the area.  I love that there's no worry about changing Zuzu's daycare.  We're within walking distance of a beautiful park, a library, and Target (otherwise known as the trifecta of happiness).

It's an older home, but it's been well-cared for and is in great condition.  There's plenty of room for "projects" (I know I'm old and boring because I'm super excited about creating a swanky laundry room) but at the same time, it's move-in ready.  Our backyard is small, but the house is a nice size.  It's a two story house and it has two and a half bathrooms!  I'd like to say we won't know what to do with all the space, but I expect that we'll have no trouble filling it up with books and bobbleheads.

Of course, down the road we'll face decisions about where to send Zuzu to school since the public school system in the city is not ideal.  But we decided, pardon the cliche, that we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  If there is anything we know at this point, it's that we can't plan for everything.  We can have all the expectations we want, but we actually have no idea where we'll be in four years.  David and I both think that we'll still be at our current jobs, but life has a way of taking unexpected turns.  Instead of trying to solve problems that are years away, I'm just going to let Future Brooke handle that decision making.

Yes, the commute is still a bummer, but as we discovered in our driving around town, since we work in opposite directions, a commute is unavoidable. We're as close as we can get to splitting the difference in our commutes and allowing Zuzu to stay at her current daycare, so that basically makes it as close to ideal as we're going to get.  For now, anyway.

My BFF asked if this was my "forever house" and I took a second to think about it before finally saying, "Well, it could be."  It's true that I'd be happy to live there for forever.  But mostly it's the right house for right now, and that's what really matters.  

And I feel the need to emphasize that all of this is is based on the hopeful assumption that we will get through closing without anything crazy happening.  We've already had both the inspections and gotten the loan approvals, so we should be smooth sailing, but you never know.  Our closing date is set for early May, so we have a month to get ourselves packed up and organized.  You know, when we're not chasing the baby (good thing she's still moving pretty slow).  So much moving going on around here...


  1. Congrats on the crawling and on the new house!

    FWIW, Meg was accepted into a "magnet pre-school" in the city (Mullanphy Investigative Learning Center, close to the Botanical Gardens) on our first try. They give you three chances at a lottery (I think three; Brooke L did the legwork on this, so perhaps it was four chances) every year, and Meg got in on the first attempt.

    She'll get to do preschool there and is then in the magnet system as long as we want. Also, if I understand correctly, future children can get "grandfathered in" if the older sibling(s) are in as well, but I'm not quite sure how exactly that will ultimately work.

    So you know! Enjoy chasing mobile Zuzu! :-)

  2. Freaking iPhones. Helping kids crawl everywhere. Hah.

    I hate to break it to you, but I highly doubt she'll be waiting long to perfect that crawl into a full on crawl-sprint. She is one strong lady for being up on all-fours! Took B months to move from belly slithering like a snake (though he was amazing at it!) to that sort of crawling. Girlfriend has some guns!

    I'm so excited for you guys and this hopeful moving situation you're in! Yippee! Cannot freaking wait for the house tour (maybe in person, too?!).

  3. Yay! Can't wait to hear more about it- sounds amazing.

    and don't worry about selling it for essentially what you paid for it- that's what happened to my imaginary Bffs sherry and John... ;)

  4. She's the cutest crawler ever! Also, congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pics of the new place :)

  5. Congrats! And Zuzu is adorable and seems very pleased to be so mobile!

  6. Exciting stuff all around! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly with the closings. I'm so glad you didn't have to wait to long for an offer...the constant state of limbo would have made me (even more) crazy!

    Look a Zuzu go!!! Such a cutie with places to go...look out world!

  7. I would love to sell our home to a person whom uses the word "smitten" as well! What a lovely compliment to your beautiful home.

    Not getting what you wanted for it stings. I know it would make me quite upset. It is nice to know you are moving onto a nice home that you love.

    Fingers crossed all the deals go through. Change sucks as much as it is exciting but I hope the latter stands out more this time.

  8. I love that someone was smitten with your home. Just what you want for the place where so much love and life happened. Sadness too, but as we know - that's a huge part of love and life.

    I sure hope everything goes through on your house and that hopefully I'll get to see it in June! Woot!

  9. Yay Zuzu! So cute!

    Congratulations on having an offer and finding a new house and getting your offer accepted! That is so exciting! Fingers crossed it all goes through smoothly, even if you aren't moving near us.

  10. AW! Go Zuzu!!! Look at world, here she comes!!! I hope your move goes smoothly!

  11. Yay for Zuzu crawling. It is very terrifying and exciting all at the same time. V just stood for the first time with no support and he his "cruising" so fast that he goes a couple of steps toward the opposite couch or whatever. Little daredevil! We have a meeting to get preapproved for a home loan next week and we are soo excited. So glad to see that your process seems to have gone smoothly and quickly. Our friends just spent over a year looking for a house and finally just made a decision because they were so tired of looking. That terrified me and their realtor who basically told them to find someone else because he couldn't help them anymore. Yikes! I look forward to seeing photos of the new place and of course Zuzu! ~Missy

  12. Yay! Congrats! We took a hit on our old house too which just about killed my husband (who is an underwriter). But like you, the deal we got on the new house really lessened the blow. So excited for you!

  13. zuzu's so cute.

    i didn't know you guys were selling/buying. of course i've been on blog hiatus for a while. congrats! we are actually considering doing the same. such a stressful process.

  14. That is so adorble. And boy! She is fast. Better watch out doggies! Cant imagine Milo's plight when our lil one begins to crawl! Thanks for posting this. Wish you a breezy move out and move in. move in s are so exciting! Better reload that label maker. Cant wait to see your new decor. I am following you on pinterest.

  15. How exciting!! I was secretly rooting for the city! I can live in the city vicariously through you. The house sounds perfect! I can't wait to see pictures. Good luck with the process. It does sounds like you found nice people to live in your current house, who will love it like you did! It always makes me happy to drive past my old house and see that they are taking care of it. And congrats on the crawler too!

  16. Congratulations!! Super exciting! And sad. Isn't it ridiculous how the very things we want drag sadness along so often? At least for those of us who get attached, and I'm thinking you're one too. I mean, your house is not a HOTEL. It's an extension of your LIFE. Like a LIMB. It's where you go for comfort, love, to eat, sleep, make merry and express who you are. Right? And then to not get, like, $10,000 extra dollars because it's obviously got such heart and soul bursting through it...
    Plus, Eliza lived there. Then pieces of your souls were all over the floor there for awhile.
    I get the tears. Let's just say that.

    And I gotta tell you, I agree with Ms. Wilson. No way is Zuzu going to wait until the new house to burn rubber. C crawled just like Zuzu just a few days ago and she's already clearing 15-20 feet at a time now within a minute (if she's focused and doesn't stop to examine every errant crumb or interesting carpet feature along the way).
    I have much faith everything will go smoothly with contracts and closings. Enjoy the process as much as you can - a new house is a joyous thing that requires aLOT of deep breathing until you're settled. :)

  17. Congratulations, on both houses! Looking forward to hearing more when the time is right. ; )

  18. Congrats! I can't wait to see pics of the new house!