Saturday, March 2, 2013

Look Out, Michael Phelps! Here Comes Zuzu.

Zuzu had her first swimming lesson today!

We got off to a bit of a rocky start.

David and I both went with her.  The plan was for him to get in the water with her while I took photos from the side of the pool.  He wore his swim trunks under his pants, but I waited until we got to the Y to change Zuzu into her swim diaper.  Unfortunately, the two family changing rooms were occupied, so I told David I'd just change her in the women's locker room and he could go through the men's and we'd meet him outside.

So I get Zuzu undressed and into her cute swim diaper, at which time I discovered it was actually a little too big, so I begged her not to poop in the pool during swim time (she didn't--good girl!).  Then I grabbed the diaper bag and the adorable baby and headed out to the pool.

We stood by the edge watching the other parents (mostly dads) get into the pool.  The instructor introduced herself to me and told me I could go ahead and get in the water.  I explained I was waiting for my husband, who would be there any minute.

The minutes ticked by, and I was still standing there, wondering what the heck happened to David.  He didn't really even have to change clothes!  He just had to remove his pants!  I can guarantee he's capable of doing that very quickly.  So what was taking him so long?

Finally I tried calling his cell phone.  He didn't answer.  WHAT was going on?

It was time for class to start, and still no David.  The instructor asked me if Zuzu would go to her.    Zuzu is usually not shy, so I said sure.  And handed my only living child over to a complete stranger to immerse in a swimming pool for the first time in her life while I stood by the edge and wondered what the hell had happened to her father.  I wanted to go look for him, but I also didn't want to leave while Zuzu was in the water with someone else.  So I stood and watched them singing songs and splashing in a circle, wondering if David could be lying unconscious in the locker room.

Finally I walked over to the glass doors that look out on the entrances to the locker rooms.  And there was David.  Standing, fully dressed (WTF?), looking for us.

I did some wild gesturing through the doors and he came into the pool where we quickly realized our miscommunication.  He didn't realize the locker rooms led to the pool area (you had to go past the lockers to the showers before you saw the word "POOL" written on the wall with arrows, so perhaps he hadn't ventured far enough) and when I said "Meet you outside," he thought I was coming back out front.  And he was getting ready to ask a nice stranger to go in the locker room and see what was keeping Zuzu and me.

Anyway, once we got that straightened out, David joined in on the class, just a few minutes late!

Zuzu was glad to see him and she had much more fun once Dada was with her and she wasn't having a bizarre new experience with a bunch of people she'd never seen in her life.  Go figure.

They swam and kicked and practiced holding on to the edge of the pool and chasing a toy in the water.  It was amazing to watch her kick her little legs while holding a pool noodle.

The class was for babies age 6 months to 36 months so there was a wide range, and Zuzu was the youngest in our group.  But she did a great job for an 8 month old (says this totally non-biased observer).

Singing the Humpty Dumpty Song.  Nevermind the baby buttcrack.
This paddleboard was good for kicking AND licking!

Our little tadpole.
Oh, hey Mom. I'm having more fun than this looks.

Noodles are awesome!

 Just chilling in the pool.
 Despite our rough start, I declare swimming lessons a success.  Also, there is this benefit:

sleepy baby, wiped out after pool time
Now can it just quit snowing already?  We're ready for outdoor pool time!


  1. Sooo cute! I love that she loved it and I love that daddy loved it too.

    And I lol'd at his being able to get his pants off quick... I know the type! ha!

  2. Yeah Zuzu! Maxwell agrees that swim class is fun (and exhausting). Enjoy!

  3. So adorable. Glad she enjoyed it.

  4. Holy cow! 6-36 months is a ginormous age range! Glad she had fun!

  5. I have some observations, coming from a Y swim mama to another.

    1. I also know that type of man (@laura). Interesting.

    2. You got to take pictures and my camera was banished from within 2 city blocks of the damn pool. I want cute photos, too! #bitter #jealous

    3. Nakie baby in only a swim diaper! I love it, though never saw the other little girls at our Y doing it. Maybe St. Louis is more progressive than my 'burb? They are a bit modest (*cough* uptight) around these parts and all little ladies were in 1-piece suits.

    4. B was the youngest in our swim class as well, but the class before ours was just two little girls younger than him. Crazy the age range.

  6. Brooke that is absolutely adorable... The two together, her kicking on the board.., love it

  7. This is one of the best photo sessions ever! Kids (babies!) in water is the most adorable thing ever.

    I cant wait until I have a little one to take to the Y. I was a water baby growing up, and my godmother took me weekly to the Y, and I swam up a storm. I haven't been back as an adult, and have only really went swimming on vacations since, but having kids will be the perfect reason for me to take the plunge again!

    I didn't know you could take them so young... that swim diaper is too much! She looks like she's having the time of her life.

  8. LOVE the swim diaper! So, so cute.

    Swimming knocks my kids out too, STILL. COME ON SUMMER!!

  9. O.M.G. I love baby buttcrack!!!! She's so adorable!!!

  10. Yay swim class! Zuzu looks like a natural :)