Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grammy's Here!

And Zuzu is just a little excited about it.

(My dad is kind of jealous because he's on a mission trip to Mexico to build houses, so he's doing good things but missing the cuteness around here.)

Tonight David and I are going out (!) on a real-life date with another couple (Edited to clarify:  It's a double date.  We are not dating another couple.).  We're getting dressed up and going to dinner near our house, and then to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see The Book of Mormon.

We are just a little excited about it.

In other news...

We got a big snow on Thursday.  The weather forecast was bad enough that David's school canceled the night before, and my university canceled classes in the morning, before the snow even started.  Since the storm wasn't supposed to hit until around lunchtime, David went on into work and I decided to drop Zuzu at daycare for a couple of hours so I could run up to another university's library and finish up a few things.  I was working away at my favorite table in the basement when a friend texted me and said that things were really getting slick outside.

It was already 11:30am, so I gathered up my stuff and headed out to pick up the baby and go home.  Slow mixed with sleet was falling hard and fast, and I called David from the daycare parking lot and told him he needed to leave work NOW and be prepared for it to take him two hours to get home.

David, of course, thought I was exaggerating how bad the roads were, and proceeded to wait an hour before he left.

It took him two hours and fifteen minutes to get home.

We decided this was an excellent lesson in Why You Should Always Listen To Your Wife.

He got home a few minutes after our realtor arrived to look over the house and talk about a selling price (!).

Did you know that 80% of people don't interview more than one realtor when looking to sell or buy a home?  I guess that's understandable because we got loads of referrals from people, so if you trust a recommendation from a friend, that makes things easier.  But we still wanted to talk with a couple different realtors to see how their marketing plans differed and get some different opinions on how they would price our home to sell quickly.  So we were in the 20% of people who talk to more than one agent.

We actually really liked both of the realtors we talked with, and I think either one would have done an excellent job in helping to sell our house.  In the end, we decided to go with someone whose office is very close by and who has sold many houses in our particular area.  It's a local realty company rather than a nationwide one, and I think there are pros and cons to each, but I'm hoping that our choice serves us well.

I guess it's for real now...

Looking to buy an adorable two-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalow in the city?  E-mail me!

This is what it looks like when there's not snow on the ground. And yes--we will be planting a saucer magnolia tree at our new house, wherever that is.


  1. Your house is super cute- hope it sells fast and for lots of money!

    Yay for another saucer magnolia at a new house. Wouldn't it be crazy if what sells a buyer on your house is the tree? A little "wink" from Eliza? :)

  2. Your house is adorable! I would love to buy a sweet little bungalow in the city, one day. When we're retired, maybe.

    I am jealous of Book of Mormon, was it hysterical?

  3. I agree with the comment about and what to hear a review of the Book of Mormon. I want to see it!

    Also, your dad is building houses in Mexico?! Way to go pops.

  4. I have been wanting to see The Book of Mormon so bad! E almost bought us tickets for Christmas, but we didn't think we could get a babysitter (read: parents wouldn't be in town), so we didn't go for it.

    We'll see it somewhere eventually. Can't wait for the Brooke review!

    Zuzu is crazy-cute.

    I am excited for this house sale business! Apply for House-Hunters! They like cute people with cute babies, I'm sure.