Thursday, January 31, 2013

Other Favorites (Or; OMG MOAR PITCHERS of the BAYBEE Because You Cannot Get Enough Of Her, AMIRITE? Or is it just me...?)

Voting continues on which print to enlarge and/or make into a canvas.  Two favorites are running away with it!  I know I said majority rules, but a clear favorite is emerging in my head, so I'll be interested to see if I agree with the majority...  It's becoming clear that I will be printing them ALL, the question is how many will be framed and prominently displayed.  Maybe one for the bedroom, one for the gallery of frames in the hallway...  A 5x7 for my office?  The problem (and I use the word "problem" loosely here) is that she's just going to keep being cute and we're just going to keep taking more pictures!  We may need to put up some additional walls.  (Or move???  Thanks for the feedback on that post.  David and I are continuing to ponder our options, but we had lots to talk about over dinner last night, and I really appreciate your perspectives.)

Anyway, here are a few more favorite pictures from our six month photo session that I just had to share.

What's that?  You wanted to see my hillbilly face? I make this face while spitting and then drool down my chest.  It's my favorite trick!  Why isn't this going on a canvas? 11x14 print? Anyone?  

Um, excuse me?  What did you just say? OMG Sophie, did you hear that?
I'm getting kind of tired.  Being the center of attention wears a girl out. {Also cute is that this yawn looks a little bit like a fully belly laugh}

Squeaky toys are so funny! {This is another quilt made my by Nana--it went on the twin bed that was my first "big girl bed"}

Can you see the title of the book we're reading?

Just hanging out with Daddy.

Have you ever seen two people so excited to look at a baby in the air? I mean really.

Mom and Dad are pretty crazy about me.
OK.  Zuzu is seven months old now (!) so that is enough of the six month photo session, I promise!


  1. Love her and all her photos.

  2. Could the three of you be any cuter? I love the photos! It is making me wish we could do a 6 month photoshoot.

  3. And now I'm in love with the one of her on the floor. BUT! I can't stop giggling at her face in the one of her in the air. So happy to amuse the weird tall people.

  4. I love the last one!! Moar!

  5. I love the commentary. She is dhaling. Love the hillbilly baby haha

  6. I love them, the one with the book made me a little weepy. I agree, though, the captions are so awesome!!

  7. Love Them all. Agree she s getting cuter day by day, rather minute by minute. Bless ya little baby. Muah!!

  8. Adorable! Love love love the book!!