Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love Is Fresh and Organized

Love is... knowing exactly what your husband or wife would like for an anniversary gift.

Friday marked eleven (11!) years since David picked me up at my parents' house and we went on our first date (you can read all about it here).

As we're still working on this transition back from the bacchanalia of Christmas break this week (meaning Zuzu has a bedtime, a bedtime routine, and goes to sleep in her crib!), we opted not to go out to dinner somewhere.  Zuzu can no longer be counted to sleep through a leisurely dinner out, and after a long week of being back at work, we were both content with a low-key evening at home (also we are super boring now).  But! David truly surprised me when he walked in the door with a bouquet of fresh flowers!  Specifically, a dozen red roses (because sometimes a girl just wants to get red roses, am I right?).  So that made the evening feel pretty special.

Girls like roses!

We thought it would be cute to get a picture of Zuzu smelling the rose, but she only wanted to grab it and rip off the petals.  So I'm holding her arm down and she's not impressed.  Also she managed to work her other arm free, and you can see her chubby little fingers reaching for the petals.
{Edited to add:  Thank you to the anonymous commenter who pointed out "Zuzu + rose petals = It's A Wonderful Life."  We watched the movie over Christmas and ever since then David and I will both exclaim at random, "Zuzu's petals!" or say to her, "Zuzu, you little gingersnap!"  It had been a while since I watched that movie all the way through, but I got a good laugh out of what happens to poor Mary if George Bailey was never born...  the horror of becoming a spinster librarian!}

I guess I shouldn't have been super surprised, because David does tend to buy flowers for special occasions (what a nice husband!), but we don't typically do gifts for our first date anniversary, so David didn't expect me to have a present for him. BUT I DID.  (what an awesome wife)

I told him that his gift was in the drawer of the kitchen.

He looked skeptical.

"This drawer?" he said, touching the knob cautiously.

I nodded and he gave me A Look, and then slowly pulled the drawer open, backing away as though he expected a small explosion, or a snake to jump out of it or something (I swear, you put a fake spider on a guy's pillow ONE TIME and he gets all paranoid on you).

But this was a true gift from the heart:

Yes, folks.  That's an extendable bamboo drawer organizer!

I picked it up yesterday at TJ Maxx.  The moment I saw it, I thought, "David would love this!  It would organize that one drawer that's always a mess."  I knew that it really would be a gift that keeps on giving!

It was originally $19.99 but there was a crack in it (visible there just betwen the vegetable peeler and the garlic press).  There weren't any others like it, so I (very politely) asked about a discount at the register and got it for $14.  Score!

And just as I predicted, David was genuinely thrilled.

Happy Anniversary, honey.  I'm really glad you called me at my parents' house eleven years ago.  You're still the one.


  1. B's birthday is Tuesday and we agreed not to exchange Christmas/birthday gifts this year because we bought a big tv. But he bought me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday, so I need a little something for him. I am SO stealing this idea. He's anal, er, organized like David. My bestie and I have a Target date today and although they probably won't have one that cool, I'll look for one. He's going to love it! Yay!

  2. Zuzu and rose petals - "It's a Wonderful Life."

  3. That IS a gift from the heart!

    And also, we are low-key night at home celebrators as well. The last time we threw caution to the wind and stayed up drinking wine with friends the kids woke up less than six hours after we got home. Painful! We'll be wild and crazy again when we're getting reliable sleep!

    Happy anniversary!

  4. What a guy! We are huge fans of our bamboo organizer... that would be a good way to make me happy, too!

    That last picture of you two lovebirds is amazing. :)

  5. I'm also very glad Coach Duck gave you a call at our house 11 years ago! I think we have a certain school secretary to thank for that, too. If I remember correctly, Pam chewed him out for expecting you to call him and told him to call you!

  6. Haha awesome! David is getting good with the camera! Those are great pictures of you and Zuzu!

  7. You guys are cute, and if the bottom pic is any indication, Zuzu is going to have some really fabulous teeth!

  8. Belated, but happy (dating) anniversary.

    I heart organization- I'm not organized at all but of course i's one of my resolutions...

  9. Happy anniversary! I'd love a gift of organization! So cute!