Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I went to the dentist and other thrilling tales of adventure

* Today when I got out of my car, my gloves dropped to the ground.  I must have taken them off and set them on my lap while I was driving, then forgot about them.  I didn't notice that they had fallen.  I wouldn't have realized it until much later, but when I got back to my car after my dentist appointment, someone else had picked them up off the ground and stuffed them into the door handle of my car so I couldn't miss them.  See?  There are good people in the world.

* I love going to the dentist.  We have the best dentist.  She's a woman and her husband works as her receptionist.  She's incredibly nice and she always praises me for flossing.  Today she said I've been doing a great job, and I told her that my cousin works for a dentist office and she recently gifted David and me with a top-of-the-line Sonicare toothbrush.  The Diamond Clean one.  That shit is fancy!  My dentist was very impressed and raved about what a fabulous gift it was.  Another year cavity free!

* Speaking of Sonicare toothbrushes, we all remember back when I got mastitis.  Ugh.  Well a few months later... Octoberish?  My boob felt uncomfortable and I realized I had a plugged duct.  (I never noticed a plugged duct when I got mastitis, but I know they are usually related).  I was freaking out about it because I didn't know WHAT I would do if I got mastitis again.  Anyway, I called a local La Leche League leader I'd met at a meeting who was really awesome and most of the tips she gave me I had already found via Dr. Google, BUT then she asked me if I had an electronic toothbrush.  And she suggested holding the toothbrush against the plugged duct and letting it run through its cycle vibrating against the plugged duct.  What the what?  Sounded crazy but of course if this woman had told me to drink my own urine I probably would have done it, I was so desperate to fix this plugged duct without getting mastitis.  Anyway, I don't know if that was the magic cure, but it definitely seemed to improve things.  So there you go:  How to treat a plugged milk duct?  Vibrate an electric toothbrush against it.  You are welcome.

* Zuzu had a teensy bit of an eating break through--just when I decided to stop worrying about it! I was eating a banana and gave her a chunk of it to chew on.  She played with it but wasn't tasting it, so I smushed a little bit on my finger and offered it to her.  She happily sucked it off my finger and wanted more!  I smashed it up with a fork and tried to spoon feed her and she was not into the spoon, but ate (or tasted and drooled) more of it off my finger.  So bananas are the new favorite!

* It is possible that going to the dentist will be the most exciting thing that happens to me this week.

* When I don't check Instagram for a whole day, I feel like everybody is hanging out without me.

* I've been tackling a few pinterest projects.  Most successful:  project inspired by a Valentine mantle -- specifically the doilies, hearts, and baker's twine wrapped around mason jars (my version of the ubiquitous mason jar trend--I bought some glass bottles for $5 total at a consignment furniture shop near my house; bought doilies at Michaels for $1; had the red paper on hand for a Christmas project).  Least successful:  this cauliflower recipe.  Ours tasted buffalo-y but turned out soggy.  Also Zuzu is not a fan of cauliflower (we did not put the spicy buffalo wing sauce on hers--hmm... maybe that was the problem?).

* I've decided to make my students do online reading questions that correspond with each reading assignment this semester.  This means approximately 3 reading quizzes per week.  My students are going to hate me.  But hopefully they will actually do the reading?

* I'm totally excited to go to happy hour with some of the girls from work.  We went to a wine bar in December and they gave us sealed envelopes that contain a secret prize/gift.  The only way to find out what it is and receive your gift is to return to the wine bar in January with the sealed envelope.  Then I guess your server opens it for you and you get whatever the prize might be!  Isn't that exciting? I think it's kind of a genius marketing plan.  The wine bar is great, but even if it were mediocre, I'd go back just to see what is in my sealed envelope.

* I just realized that in order to read 100 books in a year I have to read like 10 books a month.  What the WHAT?  Who has time for that?  On top of the reading I have to do for class?  (I'm teaching the Iliad again this semester!)  Don't get me wrong.  I'm still tackling this challenge. I'm just kind of realizing that it is more challenging than I might have thought.  I'm a fast reader, but wow.  Must keep self motivated!

* I put the Wunderlist app on my phone (thanks for the tip, Dad!) and I love it.  There is a regular to-do list app that comes on the iPhone but since David and I have linked accounts, my list is constantly clogged with his work stuff.  There is LOTS of stuff to be done at an elementary school.  And I don't care about any of it!  I mean, not to the extent that I want it on my phone letting me know what my husband needs to remember to do at work.  So now I have my own list app and it makes a very satisfying little clicky noise when you check something off.  Love it.  Plus I can put it on all my computers (by which I mean work and home).  So many lists!  So many things to check off!  Confession: I've been known to enter things on my to do list after they are already done just so I can check them off.  I can't be the only one who does this...


  1. I love that you feel that way about IG, I do too! ha!

    And that toothbrush trick is crazy, but it totally makes sense since they say exfoliating it with a wet washcloth can help.

    I'm going to the dentist for the first time since I was pregnant with Jack... At the time I only got 1/2 way through my cleaning because of my morning sickness and I couldn't bring myself to go back after we lost them since they obviously knew I was pregnant... and I just couldn't.do.it. I suspect I'll have a few cavities thanks to the morning sickness and whatnot. I'll report back!

    Yay for the banana- that's awesome. Be aware you might see black stringy things in her poop tomorrow- banana!

  2. No cavities? I hate you a little bit right now. I cannot leave the dentist without SOMETHING wrong. And I floss! Maybe I need to get me one of dem fancy toof-brushes?

    I was thinking about your book challenge because it motivated me to read more than my original goal of FIFTEEN. Ya know, maybe 24 - read TWO a month. I can do that, I'm starting my second one now. Anyway, I was thinking a few things.
    1. Can you re-read books you've already read or do they need to be new ones?
    2. Do children/teen books count (as long as it's a chapter book - not The Gas We Pass)
    3. I wonder if libraries have fun reading activities for adults like the summer reading contests I did as a child. Because if so - enter that shit. You'd rock it.

    No cavities?! Plagh.

  3. I freaking hate the dentist, despite thinking ours is the best... I floss every damn day and they always give me stern looks. Crap, I tell you!

    I love me a Sonicare. I just started using one again. I had the old school one and recently updated it. I'm so happy to be back on the train.

    Wunderlist is new for me. Hmmm. Maybe I need this!

    100 books. I'll do the Shred. There's no way I can do 100 books. I'm on with Caroline. I can probably do one a month!

  4. OH! and have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain? You probably have, but it's my favorite dog book so I thought I'd ask. (also, when I'm typing and I can't underline or italicize the title (say, like in a blog comment)- what's the proper thing to do??)

  5. Happy Hour sounds like so much fun!

    The toothbrush trick is cool! I also found it helpful to have Ryan gently massage the knot (ahem) during a feeding. He is very vigilant about asking me about knots for some reason.

  6. I hate the dentist. Hate! It all started with a few fillings I had done of course BC of CAVITIES) over 10 years back. And this dentist totally messed up my bite. My jaw was thrown all outta wack, and BC I was too terrified to go back and get a bunch of needles in my gums and cheeks again...by the time I decided it was time to fix this madness started in my mouth, the new (and much better) dentist I found told me it was too late to adjust "back". The jaw is a fluid joint, and if it settles in the "wrong" spot for too long...the wrong essentially becomes its new right...and even though my front teeth now hit/banged into each other every time I closed my mouth, if he tried to fix my bite by redong the fillings and stop the hitting/banging f my front teeth...it would further agrivate my jaw.

    So he worked for over a year with molds, and little adjustments here and there...and it still feels messed up. And sometimes, I wake up, and my top front teeth are aching because I've been biting into them while sleeping. I swear, I have fears of waking up, and finding my front two teeth on my pillow. And, and... on top of that! Every time I need to have a cavity done (my fault, my fault! I know! My fault!) my bite gets all out of line...again!! Ah!

    Anyway...dentis rant over. Good for you Brooke for loving the dentist...good for you. *sigh*

    I would go back for the sealed envelope thing too...

  7. Apparently everyone has strong feelings one way or another about the dentist. I used to like going to the dentist--the praise and clean feeling and all. Then after Bear died, everyone there said NOTHING! Yes, they knew--I had last been when I was quite pregnant and Kirk's entire family goes there and his sister was there the day after Bear's birthday and said she told them. I know people don't know what to say, but it seemed like they went out of their way to ignore that I had been pregnant. What's wrong with a simple "I'm sorry" folks? Even though I've now been back a couple of times and they even gushed over Bode, I clearly haven't gotten over it.

    Oh, and I have been known to add things to my to-do lists after I did it just to cross it off. :)

  8. It took years upon years upon pain, blood, ache, needles, yanking, scraping, and at least once, one year, UV rays, but I am proud to say I no longer fear the dentist. I still don't arrive there cavity-free, but that's not the point!

    I love when people prove to still have good within them (the gloves.) And nope, you aren't the only one who updates lists after things have already been completed. That chirp/ping is just so friggin satisfying.

    I secretly want to go back to school just so that I can have reading assignments where I have to answer questions, perhaps have a dialogue. Mmmmm reading assignments. Makes me all warm and sexy like diagramming sentences.

  9. I just started going to the dentist again after years of not going. I felt like I was going to so many doctor's appointments with fertility treatment that I didn't have time for other appointments. I like my dentist but her wait times are horrendous. And she has a son that has the same name as my son did which makes me sad when I see her son's pictures or when she mentions him. But she knows about my baby and was very sweet about it.

  10. I found a recipe for cauliflower bites I have been wanting to try too! It was from skinnytaste though, maybe something on there would be a good tip to keep them from getting soggy. I was wondering about your 100 books, I can read a book in a couple of days, but I am definitely neglecting something. I love to read, but if it's one I can't put down-I either lose sleep or NOTHING gets done. So glad Zuzu is eating bananas-yum:)

  11. I love tge dentist! If I wasn't a physical therapist I'd probably be a dentist. Love love love getting my teeth cleaned and I like working on patient's tmj. :)

    I haven't checked IG today so I feel out of the loop. All this hanging out going on without me :)

    Banana was Kaia first favorite food too. And fingers are tge best spoons!!!

    I think that a secret envelope gift is a brilliant idea and strategy to get return customers. I want to go with you just to find out what you win and I don't even like wine haha.

    I'm a fast reader and I could not read 10 books a month. So get to reading lady. :)

  12. OMG I can tell wunderlist is my new favorite app after just 10 minutes. Great tip. Thank you!!!

    And just to weigh in on the big question I love going to the dentist! My mother and husband both hate it to the point of not going for 5+ years at a time. Yikes