Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And done.

I rock at resolutions.

I resolved to organize my sock drawer.



I thought I'd reward myself with the purchase of some new socks, but it turns out that I have plenty of socks.  I have socks I'd forgotten about.  I am set in regard to socks.

That project went so well that I moved on to organizing my underwear drawer.  Turns out that I could actually benefit from a new purchase or two in that department.  I threw a pair of underwear in my suitcase to wear over break that were so saggy baggy I ended up tossing them in the trash at the end of the day.  Guess I shouldn't be surprised the elastic was shot as I'd had them since high school!  Tossed several more pairs in the trash can today that were at least ten years old.  #notcute

We got Christmas taken down and put away, which was kind of a relief because our house feels bigger (and cleaner) without the tree and other decorations up, and because Christmas was still pretty hard this year.  I'm ready for it be be over.

Speaking of challenging days, I was caught off guard by how sad I was last night.  We made it to midnight, but it was not a festive new year.  I was mopey and sad, Zuzu was grouchy and all kinds of off-schedule, as she napped from 5pm to 8pm (WHAT?  Why didn't we wake her up?  I don't know.  Believe me, we asked ourselves that from 8pm to 11:30pm).  I know some of my grief was for baby Jack and his family, but as I told David last night, it's hard to feel okay about celebrating a new year when it means more year without Eliza.  I hope this gets easier with time.  It might be nice to actually WANT to have champagne at midnight again someday.

Today was a better day.  The house (like my dresser drawers!) is clean.  I even pulled out the fridge and stove to vacuum and clean behind them (I should have photographed before & afters behind the stove but I would have been too embarrassed to post them--it was DISGUSTING).  In other household news, the washing machine is now in working order (wahoo!) and I've been testing it all day long... just 2 loads to go.  Zuzu was still a bit of a bear, but I wrestled her into bed at 8pm and I'm hoping we're back on a somewhat more normal schedule tomorrow.

And now that my drawers are organized, my kitchen is clean, and my baby is sleeping, there's nothing to do but sip some wine and make use of our Netflix subscription...

Not to worry...  I've got a few other resolutions.  I'll be writing about those soon.


  1. The sock drawer thing is no small task. I think you're good!

    I'm sorry last night was hard. I also hope you feel like celebrating one sometime soon.

    I haven't looked behind my oven in five years but had to the other day to get one of the kids toys that was stuck underneath. DISGUSTING. And I didn't clean it out.

  2. I do hope your desire to celebrate heightens over time. As for the socks, um, I said I needed to buy new underwear and then I decided to clean my bedroom floor and HOLY HELL I HAVE LOTS OF DRAWERS ALREADY!

    Hoping you're back on schedule.

  3. We're so on the same page. We spent all of yesterday (when Chicago temps were in single digits... YUCK!) de-cluttering. I'm recycling lots of old electronics & have a pile to go to our local consignment shop that I love to shop at.

    Next weekend, we're tackling the basement storage STUFF.

    We're rocking this.

    Also, I totally laughed when you said you had underwear since high school. Um, me too. Kind of gross.

  4. Eager to hear your other resolutions! And if you could help me with my sock drawer that would be great. I weirdly have a hard time throwing away socks. Even ones with tons of holes. And why don't appliance manufacturers make it easier to clean behind their products? It's such a pain but always SO GROSS!!

  5. A sock drawer... ahhh....

    We have a family sock basket. It is horrible. Like literally, all socks get thrown in the basket because matches never seem to make it. I swear we have a sock-eating monster at our house. And we all have to get socks for every single holiday just in hopes that we can find matches one day. If I hadn't given up candy, I might make sock matching a resolution. But, since I am the only one that really cares about my socks matching anyway, I guess it's not a huge deal!

  6. Ugh, sock drawers. The worst! I bet I could get rid of half of the mess in my drawer. And 3/4 of my husband's, if I ever dared to venture in there!

    Grief does hit in strange ways, in strange places. It definitely hit me hard this new years - where we thought we'd be this time last year, versus where we are. But it's nice to know we're not alone in our feelings.

  7. I organized my sock drawer too. I have so many socks that I decided to put my boot socks and leggings in their own drawer in my nightstand. I was all excited about that too.

  8. Well done on the sock drawer. I took that on not long ago and the underwear drawer and it felt so good to get rid of socks with holes and underwear with shot elastic. It almost inspired me to take on my whole closet but then I realized that would be crazy so I stopped myself. :)

  9. Hmm. I have a sock-and-underwear-and-random-stuff drawer. Taming it may be a project for next year.

    I hope Zuzu is back to her regular schedule and that the Netflix are enjoyable!

  10. I totally know what you mean. I could not stand the page turning and I'm supposed to be all celebratory-blech. I was just getting ready to post about it, but maybe I should keep those thoughts to myself! Glad you're getting some things accomplished:) I have been doing some organizing too and it does bring some welcomed satisfaction.