Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby In a Chair

Oh, were you really wanting to see photos of my baby in her new seat?

I'm happy to oblige.

Please ignore the terrible lighting.  I had my camera on the completely wrong setting.  Because I'm brilliant like that.

Here's Zuzu, sitting in her big girl seat at the kitchen counter, talking to us.  As you can see, she has a lot to say these days.


Tell me more!


Lemme think about that.

Whoa.  Just whoa.

Oh yeah.  I'm 21 weeks adorable.


supposedtobemysymphony said...

Oh my gosh, she just makes the cutest faces!

Gina said...

She's going to be super expressive. Mark my words. My L made faces like that and he's still hilariously expressive. She's so stinkin' cute I can barely stand it.

Caroline said...

21 weeks?! Shut the front door. You're supposed to still be like 6 weeks there Miss Z. Slow yourself!

also, love those expression. Just love em.

sarah said...

Aaaaaaaack I love her so much!!!!!!! I need to squish her, that adorable little expressive face is too much! xoxo

SG said...

Oh my goodness she is the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...

Just adorable! ~Missy

Ker said...

Loving the many funny faces of Miss Caroline, esp the "lemme think about that" face and the "unbelievable" face - which reminds me of a politician pounding the table declaring something to be an OUTRAGE!

Kim said...

Love all of those faces! She has some good ones:)