Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Funny Girl in Pictures

Every day, without fail, this girl delights me, frustrates me, makes me laugh, and melts my heart.

It's been almost three and a half months with her here, and I feel like I've known her forever and I feel like we're still figuring her out.

She's become so alert and interested in the world around her.

She's already trying to voice her opinions, and she gets pretty irate when we misunderstand her cues!

She's Cooper's buddy (and Little Mac's friend from a distance).

She's chatty and squawky and screechy, but she also whispers a little sigh when she relaxes against me.

She rewards silly voices and crazy faces with sweet smiles.

She's our drama queen.

She's Grams's and Gramps's little sweetheart.

She's also Grams's little punkin.

And Gramps's little helper.

She's the only alarm clock I've ever loved.

She's Mommy's mini-me.

And Daddy's little Cardinal fan.

She's our tiny baby and our big girl.

She's our rainbow baby duck.

We're so proud.

We're so in love.

We're so lucky.


  1. Ok, the mini me...the baseball leggings/leg warmers...and her reading P&P!! I can't stand it!!
    She is all things magical and lovable.

    Love this post <3

  2. So cute! Gosh I can't believe how big she is getting! And so trendy too!

    Love it!

  3. :'- ) That brought tears to my eyes. All of those things are so completely amazing. What a blessing our rainbow babies are!

  4. Reading Pride and Prejudice. Shocking.

    Isn't it impossibly hard to think of her as a he? Oh how crazy it would have been had the Deuce been a boy!

    Love that sweet little girl of yours. She is just who she needs to be :)

  5. Gahh, too much cuteness! Cute overload. Love her!

  6. This little one...sigh, my heart is melting! The pic of her pouty lip made me laugh out loud!

  7. She is a BEAUTIFUL baby. Love the picture of her with the book and even more so with Cooper.

  8. GORGEOUS! I love the smile with the Grandma shirt on, and the pouty face!

  9. What a cutie! Love her outfits.

  10. What an adorable set of photos. I wanna hang out with you guys and beautiful rainbow baby duck!

  11. She is just beautiful! V is nearing 5 months and I am still trying to process the whole range of emotions that comes with parenting after a loss. ~Missy

  12. She is so wonderful! And such a fashion plate. (ps we have that P&P baby book, too - love it)

  13. her leg creases are to die for!

  14. I am in love with her little pout- she's so darling.

    I sighed at the "grandma and grandpa's sweetie", because, she totally is, right?

    I just can't reconcile her as the little babe we were all waiting for you to conceive and waiting for you to birth, you know? It's just so crazy.

  15. They're all adorable/hilarious, but the one with the teddy bear & book is my favourite. : )