Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Caroline's First Cardinals Game

We went to the ball game on Saturday night with Caroline's Grandma and Grandpa Lee.  They were in town for the weekend, and they treated us all to Red Bird Club seats.  This means we had a great view behind home plate, and access to a nice air-conditioned concession area, where I was able to nurse Caro after the never-ending seventh inning.

She ate right before we left, fell asleep in the car seat, stayed asleep when I loaded her up in the Ergo, and probably would have slept through the entire game except the seventh inning stretched on forever (because the Cardinals scored TWELVE runs in one inning--looks like someone is a lucky charm!) and I started to worry that she'd wake up hungry and cranky just as we were leaving.  Anyway, potential crisis was averted.  She ate, went back to sleep, and snoozed all the way home.

People around us were commenting on how beautiful she is and what a good baby she was.  I told David that it was a good thing she had that hearing screening at the hospital, because otherwise I'd be worried that she didn't wake up when the entire stadium was cheering for David Freese.

lounging on Mom's lap on the Ergo infant insert
But, you know how it is.  Looking this cute is just exhausting.

Also:  this hair bow was a fashion risk that totally worked for her. 


  1. Way ta go Caro!!!
    That's right, get 'em started as MLB fans early!!
    She's a doll, bow and all.

  2. Aww! Yay Caroline! So so cute!
    Poor Luke has STILL not been to a game, poor kid is so deprived! I am still waiting for a good deal on Champion's Club tickets to come in my email, then we'll probably do that so there's some room to let Luke run around plus a good buffet and couches and tv if we decide to stay in the AC.

  3. Awwww! How cute!Love her cardinal shirt as well. Wish the game was on a weekday and I could have spotted you while making my way out of parking!

  4. lol

    hair bow risk = well executed! :)

  5. Isn't the Ergo the best thing ever? I only just discovered it with Cooper, but I wish I'd had it from the beginning. At almost 11 months we still use it everyday.

    She's adorable-- love the headband!

  6. So cute! And I'm so impressed that you've already taken her to a game!

  7. Look at those toes! Those cheeks! Eeep!!

  8. Yay! So far Ginny has only been to her daddy's baseball games but she is itching to take in some MLB in person...not sure we can match Caro's fashion level though :). Too cute!

  9. What a good baby! She is fashionable, adorable and such a sweetie!

  10. Damn she's sweet. We are just about the only family in Australia who likes baseball, so this post was just so cool to read. My husband is totes jealous of Caro right now!!

  11. Adorable, & adorable outfit!!

    My family dr pitched for the Cardinals; has a World Series ring from them in 1964 (& another from the NY Mets in 1969). He was the team dr for the Toronto Blue Jays for many years (still goes to all the games, albeit not in an official capacity).