Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Release: The Deuce in 3D

28 week ultrasound yesterday was uneventful.  I mean, it was eventful in that our ultrasound tech was a student (seriously?  like I don't deal with enough students on a daily basis?) so it took her forever to take all the measurements (although she was super nice and really cute), and then the measurements had to be double-checked by a not-student tech (because nothing says fun like having ultrasound goop on your belly for forty-five minutes), and at one point they asked if I was doing okay and I wanted to scream "My God I am FINE just hurry the hell UP."  Instead I just said, "I'm fine."

Also the ultrasound goop got all over my pants.

But it was uneventful in that the Deuce is still growing on schedule and kicking around.  Fluid levels look good.  Everything still in line and baby measured in 47th percentile so let's just hope we stay nice and AVERAGE and NORMAL and the doctors keep SMILING when they walk into the room to talk to us.  (Not that one doctor.  The ultrasound student had no idea I'd lost my first baby until I told her--is this shit not written on my CHART?--but she knew that there was one doctor on staff that I would NOT be seeing.)

After the ultrasound, I insisted on getting the paper print out (because I want to LOOK at the measurements you've assured me are FINE and decide for myself) and then we trekked next door to meet with my OB and discuss the fact that the Deuce is currently breech (lots of time for that to change, though, so fingers crossed) and that my iron level is just a smidge low (11.6 when "normal" is 11.7).  I promised to eat iron-rich foods (although no liver for me--gag, gag) and my OB said I could wait on taking a supplement in order to avoid Serious Constipation Issues (ack!).  I felt better about waiting because he said the iron is to make sure that my levels are high enough to avoid any complications with blood loss during delivery--in other words, baby is getting what he/she needs without supplements.  So I'm eating lots of Total cereal and spinach and nuts and I get another blood draw in two weeks (Yay.  My favorite thing to do).  Hopefully I'll be back in the normal range.

Speaking of "normal" range...  My own weight gain looks like I should probably quit eating so many donuts (David totally sold out my donut cravings to my OB, who kindly suggested that I cut back to HALF a donut PER WEEK--seriously?  I mean, why even bother?).  I am getting Third Trimester Pregnancy Fat Face, so vanity will probably do more than medicinal advice to reduce donut consumption at this point.  (For the record, I NEVER eat/crave donuts when I am not pregnant.  Well, I mean, I would eat one if it were offered to me, but David and I do not go fetch them on Saturday mornings as we have been doing lately...)

I left the two appointments feeling totally drained, AND with my gmail calendar booked with WEEKLY appointments starting next Monday.

In spite of all the doctor talk, all the monitoring, the nightly kick counts, the *cough* twenty-nine *cough* extra pounds I'm lugging around, there is still a huge part of me that does not believe we are actually getting a baby at the end of this.

But at the end of my appointment, the ultrasound tech (probably to show off to the student tech) asked me if I wanted a 3D look at the baby.  I told her that we hadn't had one yet, so that would be great.  Unfortunately, the cord was floating in front of the baby's face, and the tech was like, "Do not freak out!  That is not your baby's face.  That is the cord."  So we got a little glimpse of the Deuce's face--really, just the nose and mouth--but it was enough to give me a little moment of "Holy shit, there is a person in there."


When I first got pregnant, I told David that I hoped Baby Duck had his nose.  I love David's nose.  It's so nice and streamlined and I just love it.

Later that night we were walking the dogs, and David turned to me out of the blue and smiled and said, "How 'bout the Deuce's nose?"

I started cracking up laughing.  I said, "That's a little button nose."

He said, "Well, that is not my nose."

No, sirree.  It is not.  The Deucers most definitely has MY nose.

Ignore the gross umbilical cord gunk floating 'round the face and blocking the eye.  Just look at the nose.
And then look at it on me, around the age of 1:

I mean SERIOUSLY.  That is one dominant nose-gene.
Oh--and if you think you've seen this SAME nose once before, you might be remembering this portrait:

Yes, here it is again.
David is totally hoping that his athletic genes are not as recessive as his nose genes apparently are.

As the Deuce's due date approaches, I feel myself longing for Eliza even more.  I love to think of this silly little connection between my two babies.  And I can't wait for the Deuce to get here so I can kiss the hell out of that nose.


  1. Oh Brooke, I LOVE that your babies share their cute little button nose. That is extremely special, and so much more special to us BLMs.

    I have some pics from 24 wks 5 days with baby boy, and had some with Georgie at 24 weeks 3 days. There are a couple of pics of them, especially from the side, that look nearly identical. I still think he will look different from her, but I love the idea of little pieces of her being in him. It's such a beautiful way for us to connect to our lost babies.

    What an adorable face! When I got my first really good pic of Davey (from the side, he's not so keen on front shots, likes to shove his face in my placenta), I felt this amazing rush of love. What a wonderful feeling. Bittersweet, but sweet.

    Are you all finding out boy/girl?

  2. I am starting to get suspicious that you found out boy/girl and aren't telling us just to TORTURE ME! :)

    I love the button nose! I didn't think Luke looked much like I expected even after the 3d pictures.

    And I never knew they could even do 3d pictures there! They never did them for me or for Jackie!

    And I do not know wtf is up with some techs not reading the charts first. (Especially a student!) I know Maggie is under the impression that they now have a "sticker" for us but if they do, some people are obviously missing it.

    29 lbs is not that bad, sheesh! And David is a jerk for tattling to the doctor on you. And I can't believe the doctor told you a half a doughnut a week. Forget that. Once you have that baby, you will breastfeed and it will magically make all the weight you have gained disappear, so enjoy the doughnuts!

  3. Eat donuts, I say. Those little noses are all adorable!

  4. Looooove the button noses!! Sloane is a mini me and looked a lot like my dad. Hayes was the spitting image of my dad. So two Watkins babies... I wonder if Kellan will be the third Watkins baby or if he will take after the Ebach side. I loooove having a mini me... I wonder what a male mini me would be like tho! I am with some of the other commenters... Cannot wait to find out what the deuce is!!

  5. I want to kiss on that nose- sooo cute. I love that Deuce and Eliza share a nose... LOVE. :)

    So cute. So glad baby is doing well.


  6. The Deuce is adorable!! So happy that everything is going well! And half a donut a week?! How about two a day, doc?

  7. The nose is definitely consistent. But did you check out those lips? :). Weekly apts sound exhausting but whatev.
    I love seeing how different and the same siblings are. And even babies compared to parents. When Kai was born I remember thinking: your the one I grew? :)
    Camille looked just like Kai only with really big lips. In this way our dead babies can be remembered through them. Not that we were forgetting. Sometime I watch my son and imagine a little blond girl version of him. I wonder if your deuce will be another girl or boy version of Eliza. Noses are a big part of appearance and so far your two babies are looking very related. Hugs

  8. That nose gene is amazing! Gorgeous baby. I have a hunch, but I am not letting it out. When I was 28 weeks pregnant with Thor, they did a 3-D u/s and I took a picture after he was born. He was inside a sling and it was nearly exact. I was blown away by the technology from Lucia to Thor--two years. Anyway, sending love. Uneventful ultrasounds are like hearing angels sing. xo

  9. That is one adorable nose. : ) Glad all is well!

    I like doughnuts, but they don't like me. I always suffer heartburn after eating one. Tim Hortons (doughnut shop chain here) has an annual promotion every spring called "Roll Up the Rim (i.e., of your coffee cup) to Win" -- you could win a car, or a TV, etc., but most people just win... another free coffee, or doughnut. ; ) I had two free doughnuts & some coffees to cash in so dh & I went on Sunday. It was fun while it lasted, but I was later reminded why I don't eat doughnuts very often. :(

  10. Oh, my good was, you have mini-Brooke in there! Sweet! Glad to hear things are average. And dude, I'll totally eat donuts for you. I am an unabashed donut eater. :D

  11. I love them. ALL the noses!!!

    Iron -- avoid those supplements if you can! I was supposed to take them but they are hard on your stomach and I was already sick enough (and my iron was WAY lower than yours and everything turned out okay, if that helps). And eat up on whatever else you want, I say!

  12. Gorgeous photo of The Deuce! And I agree with everyone else -- eat a donut if you want to! I think that is one of the perks of being pregnant and you should enjoy it.

  13. I love that you got that awesome picture of The Deuce! My breath was taken away, once again, by that beautiful portrait of Eliza. Cute noses:)

    I agree, eat the donuts! You can only justify it in pregnancy:)

  14. The above comment was from me, sorry I was signed into my other acct.

  15. Those three little noses, all in a row - warms the cockles of my heart. Gorgeous babies, all.

    So glad the ultrasound was lacking in events of the scary and alarming kind. Ultrasound goop - N and I used to joke that we should have invested in it.

  16. Nose gene hog!

    Andrew = Elliot
    B = me

    I hear ya on the donuts. Elementary schools are practically factories of the little fried dough delights. Hence my 32lb weight gain... And 15 of it still hanging out at nearly 7wks pp.

    I can't get over tat beautiful sketch of Eliza. It takes my breath away.

  17. Oh I just love this post. And oh I just love me some donuts. Although I crave them ALL THE TIME.

    Glad that bambino is doing well. You make cute babies.

  18. You make such beautiful babies!!
    And you really can't go wrong with doughnuts...Mmmmm.....doughnuts...*drool*

  19. Awww such great photos- I love those noses! You will get used to weekly appointments- trust me it helps time pass that's for sure!

  20. that is one gorgeous baby. i can't believe how close you are. praying for you all the way. and sending lots of love. yea, Julius had a button nose like D. and little miss has my nose. though i have a big nose, so at first i thought that Julius had my nose, until i saw D's baby pics. and funny enough, our girl's nose is really small, but i think it's proportionate to her tiny body, so i'm sure as she grows so will that nose. :)

  21. You make super duper cute babies, you do. And you were one yourself! Love, love, love to you.