Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Breaking

Spring Break is half over and it has not exactly been what I imagined.  Basically, I've had two super productive days and four days on which I was out for the count with Horrid Stomach Ailment or OMFG Worst Sciatica of My Life.

Since I already detailed Horrid Stomach Ailment for you (Oh--but did I mention my last meal before barfing included salsa?  You're welcome!) I'll just say that sciatic flared up out of no where yesterday, right about the time I was thinking "Hmm... didn't sciatic plague me during my second trimester with Eliza?  And here I am almost to the third trimester with no issues..."  I was carrying a (small) load of laundry to the washing machine when a sharp pain shot through my lower back and I ended up on the kitchen floor, moaning and cursing.

I tried to appease the sciatic nerve with gentle stretching, good posture, and denial of the breathtaking pain running from my left shoulder blade all the way down my spine to my left butt cheek, but finally I gave up and spent the majority of the afternoon lying on my side with a heating pad.  For all my efforts, I ended up with nothing but a fierce headache and tense back muscles.  That nerve was all kinds of pissed off.  Finally David got home from work and gave me an excellent back massage (good enough to indicate that most of the time he is totally half-assing his back massages in order to hurry up and get them over with).  Still, I was so miserable by that point that there was nothing to do but watch Justified and go to bed.  My big plans for grading and other projects amounted to nothing.

I woke up this morning like nothing ever happened--sciatic what? (Except I did have a super disturbing dream  and I know it's horribly boring to read about other people's dreams, but bear with me because in this one, the Deuce was born; it was undetermined whether it was a boy or a girl, as I referred to the baby as both Eliza and Donald; and I was caring for the baby and yet forgot to FEED it.  At all.  Ever.  Then I remembered while at a baseball game with my friend Allison that I'd forgotten to feed the baby EVER, so we drove home (in the purple Pontiac she drove in college) so that I could nurse the baby, whose lips had turned black and who was crying, but who otherwise was no worse for wear.  I ask you:  What the HELL is wrong with my sleeping brain?).

I was determined that today would be a totally productive day to make up for yesterday.  And so far it has been!  I spent the morning at my favorite coffee shop, sipping a tall decaf (black).  I got a small stack of essays graded, and made some real headway on thoroughly outlining the article I'm writing (Yes; I decided to take some of the advice I give my students and actually organize my thoughts before I start drafting.  No; I will not be outlining blog posts so don't expect organization or clever thoughts here.)

I left the coffee shop smelling like coffee beans (I love how the smell seeps into my pores and my hair) and ran a few errands (post office, Target, car wash), then made it home to have lunch and grade another stack of essays.  Good times!  Well, at least I'll feel good when they are all freaking finished.

Over the past couple of weeks (in between work, grading, watching documentaries on the Amish, barfing, and nerve pain), I've also managed to accomplish some of my fun projects:  I completed the curtains I was sewing for my friend Jamie (and they look fabulous, if I do say so myself); I recovered an ottoman salvaged from a resale shop; I painted our front door a nice gray color that I think looks great with the yellow siding; and I did a couple of small Pinterest-inspired projects, including making a wreath for our front door from dollar-store fake flowers (It seriously looks just as good as the $40 ones in the store--which is to say that they sell crappy wreaths for $40!).  It's amazing what I could get done if I didn't have this pesky job to get in my way.

And now the illustrations:

Roman-shade curtains (there's a pair of these) will hang above Jamie's sink

matching valance for the window behind the kitchen table

from boring beige to chevron

the door was white and now it's gray - a small difference, but I like it

plain black v-neck with a ruffle created from one of David's grandpa's neckties

To round out my spring break week, I plan to finish my grading (Yes; all of it.  Ugh.), take my gestational diabetes test (on Saturday because I refuse to have blood drawn unless David is there to hold my hand), take a sewing class (in which I will learn at last how to put in a zipper!), and attend a trivia night that benefits the National Share Organization, which offers support groups for bereaved parents and sponsors the candlelight vigil held every year on Eliza's birthday.

Then I just have to get through five more weeks of class before summer break.  (!)

In other spring news, we visited Eliza's tree in Forest Park when ours in the front yard was in full bloom, and I was disappointed to see that her tree at the park was nothing but bare branches.  But my dad said that it was normal for a transplanted tree to be a few weeks behind schedule, and sure enough, a more recent visit to her tree proved that it will have some lovely pink flowers after all!

Planted in memory of: Eliza Taylor Duckworth.  Donated by: Her Parents.  We Love you, Baby Duck.

Eliza's pink flowers
The Deuce - 25 weeks
In the interest of comparison--here's the same dress at the end of the first trimester (in Mexico).

The Deuce - 14 weeks.  I thought I looked really pregnant here.


  1. 1. I feel so lazy compared to your ambition.
    2. Holy hell about that dream!
    3. Our men need to step up their massage abilities.
    4. Belly shot! Thank you. ;)

  2. Brandy's comment pretty much covers it so I will echo it and especially number 3...what is up with that?

  3. pregnancy sleeping brain. i had an equally disturbing dream when i was preg with little girl. i'm surprised you have so much energy. i was a waste of space for pretty much 9 months. you are so creative and talented. i love how pinterest inspires so many. you are seriously the cutest momma ever. love the bump. almost to the 3rd tri? wow. i keep meaning to email you, but i'll just say it here. every time i'm in a store i seriously see something that makes me think "ok, i have to get that for brooke/deuce." i know you are probably not into receiving any gifts right now (and i'm only saying that because that is how i was). but when you feel comfortable please let me know. i would love to send you something for deuce.

  4. You have dine so much!!! I'm impressed/jealous. Ha.

    I think those baby dreams are common, I've have the same nightmare about having forgotten to feed the baby/starving a baby... Terrifying.

    You are adorable. I'm so glad Eliza's tree is starting to bloom. :)

  5. Wow girl.. where do you get the energy!?
    I a opposite of you on the coffee shop smell... actually I just gagged thinking about that smell and how it sticks to people.
    OK have to go now... still gagging.

  6. Love the pic of you standing next to her tree. And so glad you feel better.

  7. I hope you are studying up on English teacher stuff for trivia night! I've got most of the skeletal system covered (thanks A&P!) -Katie's friend is an English professor too though so you'll have backup. I have high expectations of winning.

    Creepy pregnancy dreams are no fun. Early in my pregnancy with Lucas, I had a dream about going into preterm labor at like 18 weeks, but the baby was totally FINE, so I wasn't sure if I should be worried about it or reassured. Don't worry, The Deuce won't let you forget to feed him/her! That's pretty much all you will do for the first month or so! :)

    I am impressed with how much you've done over Spring Break especially with your stomach bug and sciatic pain!

  8. Two more things.

    I agree about the coffee gagging as I hate the smell of coffee permeating my skin and hair. I want to vomit and I'm no longer pg!

    Also, Eliza's tree. I actually just went over those pictures again because I was reading on my phone earlier and that tag nearly took my breath away. Love that.

  9. Love all of the creative projects and pics of the tree and Belly shot! Wth is this nerve I hear everyone talking about?? I've never had an issue with mine... Unbelievable since I've had every other issue in the book it seems. Glad it's better, whatever it is! Ha!

  10. Yes to the lovely coffee bean smell, documentaries about the Amish, and adorable dresses over leggings. We should totally get coffee sometime!

  11. What a lovely post.

    Also, I love that shirt/tie idea and it came out great - especially love that it's one of David's grandpas ties :)

  12. I'm glad Eliza's memorial tree is blooming already. Beautiful! Hopefully your back stops acting up - so painful :(

  13. I love that ottoman. I've been sewing more and more, it's so satisfying.
    I'm so sorry you've been so sick and injured! Sending get well/feel better thoughts your way.

  14. Can I just say, you look absolutely gorgeous! Pregnancy very much agrees with you. And those dreams- they suck!