Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remember my bathroom?

The one I painted with stripes?  Like way back in July?  And then I said I'd post pictures but I never did?

Of course you do.  You've all been sitting around waiting patiently, just hoping for the day when I post the pictures of the stripes I painted in the bathroom.

Or you've been quietly assuming it was a total flop and you're just too tactful to mention it.

The truth is, I was waiting to post pictures until I got pictures hung up in the bathroom and it took two months to make that happen.  I can't explain why.  I re-used frames I already had on hand.  I did not have to order pictures or buy prints.  I think it's just that I use up on my energy on the stuff I absolutely have to do to get through the day and then I have nothing left over for hammering and nailing.

At any rate, I managed to get motivated yesterday.  I wanted to post before and after pictures, but I absolutely cannot find the "before" pictures.  Just keep in mind that "before," the bathroom was the lighter beige color and it had a striped shower curtain in bright, shimmery jewel tones of blue and purple and green.  Now we have this:

view from the doorway
shower curtain (from Target)
opposite the sink
up close view of the stripage
The stripe is pretty subtle, but in addition to being slightly darker than the original wall color, it has a nice metallic shimmer that appeals to the side of me that loves all things sparkly.

David thought the following picture was my grandma:

While flattering for my grandma, I was dismayed to learn that not only did he not recognize the actress in the picture, the name Vivien Leigh did not clarify things for him.

"Um, you know, Scarlett O'Hara."

Blank stare.

"From Gone With the Wind!"

Unconvincing nod of recognition.

"What is the matter with you?  How do you not know Scarlett O'Hara?"

Turns out, he's never seen Gone With the Wind.  Are you KIDDING me?  Not to worry, Netflix to the rescue.

Which brings me to another question:  Is it weird to have a picture of Scarlett O'Hara in your bathroom?  I'm not sure she's a permanent addition; she was intended to be more of a place holder.  This frame had been displaying a picture of David and me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, but somehow it seemed weird to have us smiling cheerfully at whomever was sitting on our toilet.  So I decided to have Scarlett O'Hara smirk coyly at whomever was sitting on our toilet instead.  At least temporarily.

And while you're peeing,  you can also look at this:

Hey LADIES Get Funky; GENTLEMEN Prefer Your Sister
I took these photos of signs at a public restroom in London.  They made me snicker when I first saw them, and as far as I'm concerned, they still haven't lost their appeal.

postcards I bought in Florence--the photos I would have taken if these places hadn't been full of annoying tourists like us

map of the London Metro -- a romantic adventure for David and me back in 2009
I guess I forgot to take a close up picture of the collage above the toilet, which you get to look at if you pee standing up at my house!  It's photos I actually took in Verona and Florence.  Because I guess I wanted our bathroom to represent London, Italy, and the Confederate States of America.  

Anyway, the real deal is the stripes, which I still like pretty well.  I think they kind of look like wallpaper.  How did I do it?  I just left the old color up there (a kind of beige color that I think is called Keystone by Benjamin Moore) and I added a metallic stripe with the Martha Stewart metallic paint from Home Depot in Bone. I also had to buy the specialty roller that went with the paint, except my Home Depot was out of the Martha Stewart rollers so I had to buy the Ralph Lauren one.  It did the job just fine.

I measured the height of my walls, divided it by 8, and then penciled up and down each end of the wall.  Then I used green Frog painter's tape (it's the best for sealed edges with no paint leaking through) and carefully stretched it from one pencil mark to another.  I eyeballed this a little bit, and my stripes probably aren't quite perfect, but they turned out pretty sharp.  The tricky part was putting the paint on the outside of the pencil line and then the inside.  It looked like this:

And I ran out of green tape, so had to use blue at the bottom.  Turned out okay with the blue tape, too.  So once it was taped off, I just rolled on the paint.  It was a super liquidy paint, like much more watery than any kind of paint I've used before.  But it covered okay, and I was planning on doing two coats, which I definitely needed.  The whole project took two days because the metallic paint was supposed to dry 24 hours between coats, but the actual painting process went super fast because the area of the stripe wasn't very big at all.

So there you have it.  My bathroom is now striped!  Come over to admire it and allow Scarlett to watch you pee.


  1. I LOVE SCARLETT! She was actually the first thing I noticed in the third must NOT take her down! Your bathroom is lovely!

  2. I love it! And I love Scarlett. It will be a good conversation starter and then you'll know who's seen the movie and who hasn't. Fun!! The stripes are so much fun too. I feel like I need to go paint something now.

  3. Um im a little obsessed w gwtw and everything scarlett. Like im a bit embarassed to tell u how much. But a lot. Like a collector of scarlett junk. Kinda like ur curio cabinet w bobbleheads... mine is just gwtw. Although all of my memorobila if u will is in the attic... safely packed of course, but it just didnt fit in when we moved here. I hope to display it all again in a theater type rm one day. Lol. Enough about me--love the stripes!!!

  4. You rocked those stripes! Amazing job!
    I have a definite love for metallic paint.. probably why I used it in three rooms of my house ;o)
    Love Scarlett... and I laughed out loud at the grandmother part!

  5. That is awesome!! I never would have even thought I was capable of doing such a thing. It looks great!
    I'm always afraid to hang things on my bathroom walls because I worry they'll get all warpy and crappy looking from the amount of steam that builds up. Which I should tell you is because of personal preference and not poor ventilation. My husband built the bathroom, he'd get all huffy.

  6. Yay for the map of the London Underground. I use The Tube almost every day!! Love the bathroom!!

  7. Love it! Dennis and I (& Julius in utero) took a 2 wk trip to London dec 2010 for Xmas. I have fond memories and love everything British. "mind the gap" is the phrase that always makes me laugh when I hear it.

    I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen gwtw. Please don't ban me from your blog ;)

  8. I still haven't revealed my laundry room or living room! I think it's time for that, but of course my laziness is getting to me and photo-taking and commentary seem like such difficult tasks. I get ya.

    The shimmer is fab. You have guts to paint stripes. I'm so nervous to screw up the measurements or paint inside the wrong set of lines that I would just never try it. Accent wall, sure. Stripes, too difficult for me.

    Love Scarlett and love all the sentimental photos. Travel photos and mementos are the best, IMO.

  9. Your grandma was a total hottie in GWTW. haha

    I'm also remember I owe my bathroom reveal photos but it seems like a lot of work to go take them. ha :)

  10. Love the stripes! Especially the sparkly/glittery stripes :) And I love all your pics!

    Me and the hubby are debating on taking a trip to London next year. I haven't been since I was a kid but we have family that lives there I want to go visit them plus I love to travel :)

  11. Pure awesomeness. I really like the stories behind the wall art.

  12. Haha! YOu are too funny. I am really careful too about not putting pictures of Andy and I in the bathroom. I don't want people to think we are watching them pee (or worse! lol).
    Scarlett must stay put. Oh, fiddle-dee-dee, if you aren't sure what to do, don't think about it now. You can think about it tomorrow....

  13. Great job! Love the stripe effect. And I agree, Scarlett must stay. : ) The first time I saw GWTW was when I was about 14 at the theatre (a reissue at a big old movie palace). I've seen it many times since then, on TV & at the theatre, but I really think the big screen is the best way to go for a movie like that. : )

    Here's what I have hanging on my bathroom wall. I saw it & for some reason I thought it would look great in my bathroom -- and it does!

  14. Okay, I've never seen GWTW either, but I recognized the picture as being Scarlett O'Hara right away. (I'm just not a movie person.) I'm pretty sure I read the book in my late teens, long before Netflix could come to the rescue of anyone. The bathroom looks great and don't feel bad about the delay. We repainted our bedroom over a month ago and I still haven't put the pictures back on our dresser and there is no hanging involved.