Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet the Olympic Zip Liner Team

So you might remember that David and I went ziplining last month in Branson, MO.

And let me just tell you, that compared to ziplining in Whistler, BC...  well, it doesn't really compare.  Because this time we were ziplining up in the MOUNTAINS, people!  And it was cold and it was cloudy and it was stunningly beautiful.

Our ziplining course went from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain and back again, crossing over Fitzsimmons Creek, which was more like a raging river with all the snow and rain they've had (yes, it actually SNOWED on us when we road the gondola to the top of the mountain, and the hiking trails were closed because of snow).

As we zipped from one treetop-tower to another, we were up in the middle of an old-growth temperate rainforest, meaning the trees we were zipping from were 800-900 years old.  The ziplines got longer as we went, and the longest was 2,000 feet!  It dropped twenty stories as you zoomed along.  But even while zipping on it (at speeds up to 80km per hour or roughly 50mph for you Americans), all I could think about was the amazing view.  My dad brought his camera (tied to his jacket) so we managed to get a few pictures.  They're fun to see, but they can't really capture the amazing panoramic view of being on the mountains and hundreds of feet up in the air.  So you'll just have to take my word for it.  It was breathtaking.

David and I listen to the guide; my mom and brother pose for the picture.
Distant view of Fitzsimmons Creek.
My dad managed to snap this picture while zipping across.  It's awesome, but it still doesn't do it justice.
View from the platform, just before stepping off the edge!
V for Victory!
Brandon is too cool.

My mom was nervous but ended up loving it.

David shows off his best side.
On our last zip line, the guides suggested we "free style."  And they told us how to flip upside down.  They said that nobody ever regretting doing it, but some people regretted not trying it.  So I decided...  no regrets!  Also my brother went first, and he flipped upside down.  And you know I can never let my little brother show me up.

See that person out there UPSIDE DOWN, Spiderman style?  That's ME.  Yeah.  We call that free-styling.  
I made this one extra-large so you can see me--I'm the one in blue, hanging hundreds of feet above the ground, upside down, with NO HANDS.  I can't even believe I did that.

And then my MOM did it!!!  We were so proud of her.  David and my dad flipped upside down, too.  It was crazy awesome.

And then they asked if we would please be the next Olympic Zip Lining Team USA!  And we felt that it was our patriotic duty to accept.  (Note to self:  Next time you go zip lining, take a freaking ponytail holder for that mess)
Post-ziplining, at our Olympic awards ceremony in Whistler.  We obviously won the gold.
If you're in Whistler?  Do the Ziptrek Whistler Eagle.  No regrets!


  1. cute, glad you did the hands free thing, looks like a good time.

    I lol'd at "ponytail holder"---> you mean elastic, right? ha

  2. BT, you are too cool for school w this adventurous side you are showing us! I'm impressed!!

  3. I call it a ponytail holder, too. ;)

    I am so jealous of this! I'd love ziplining and would totally flip upside down because I saw you do it.

    Totally fabulous and those views make me SO jealous because I'm stuck here in the Midwest with NO mountain in sight. Oh how I miss the west.

  4. I would VOMIT right all over EVERYONE!! You are a brave brave girl. I need some deep breaths just from looking at the pictures!

  5. Awesome. Based on this post, I will zipline if I am ever in Vancouver!

  6. You are the coolest. And the bravest. This looks amazing!!!!

    (I say ponytail holder too! Must be a canadian thing to call it an elastic, LJ?)


  7. Definitely elastic! lol! I wish now that I'd taken some time to do some more touristy things while I was there... but I know I wasn't up for much this last time. Who knows, maybe I'll get to visit Vancouver some year just for fun!

  8. You are having WAY too much fun! LOL... I am JEALOUS!

  9. GREAT pictures! I especially loved the last one! I never leave home without a ponytail holder on my wrist...seriously never ever...they are every where in my purse on the shifter in my car and even in my husband's truck, next to my bed, in the's ridiculous, really.

  10. This is awesome! I love it and glad you all were brave and went upside down!!