Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

7:30am.  Out of bed. Eat bowl of cereal, put on dress (Vera Wang for Kohl's, bought on super sale), put on make up, make tea in to-go mug.

8:30am.  Leave for work.

8:45am.  Arrive at work.

9:00am.  Learning center opens.  Greet kids, assign worksheets, organize workspace, post ad to fill the job I am vacating.

12pm.  Lunch meeting.  Talk to other employees about grading reading tests.  Eat the "green with envy" sandwich from nearby bakery/sandwich shop.  Pesto and mozzarella and tomato on seven-grain bread.  Also eat peanutbutter chocolate chip cookie.

1pm.  Center open again.  Greet kids, assign worksheets, check e-mail.

3pm.  Center closes.  Start orientation for potential students and families.  Think that one mother at the orientation looks especially familiar.  Realize she is local celebrity.  Feel nervous.  Feel stupid for feeling nervous.

3:30pm.  Look over placement tests.  Retest kids who need higher test.

4:00pm.  Look over placement tests.  Recommend starting levels for students.  Discuss with parents.

5:00pm.  Go to Penzey's and buy salt-free spices for David's grandparents.  Also buy refill of Cajun spice for us and this one called "Sunny Paris" because I like the name.

5:30pm.  Go to library.  Discover I did not pick up two of the books they were holding for me within the 7 day hold period so they have been sent back.  Feel annoyed with library and self.  Go home with one book I had requested:  The Young Romantics (as in romantic poets Byron and Shelley).

6:00pm.  Get home. Change clothes.  Put on cut off sweatpants (gray) and t-shirt (red with "This is what a feminist looks like" and a picture of Virginia Alice Cottey on the front).  Plan to go to Home Depot but instead sit on couch and play with iPad.

7:00pm.  Reluctantly put down iPad and go outside where David is mowing to see what he wants for dinner.  He wants to eat when he finishes yard work.  I do not want to eat at 9pm.  He tells me to have a snack.  I go inside and eat three pieces of pizza out of spite.  And also because I was hungry.

7:20pm.  Go to Home Depot.  Pick out paint for front porch floor.  Helpful sales clerk in paint department tells me I've selected the wrong kind of paint and switches it out for me.  Choose color called "Trail End."  Also buy spray paint.  Get carded for buying spray paint.  Consider telling checker that I will not be huffing it, but then decide that might seem suspicious.  Super friendly guy in line behind me wants to shake my hand after I warn him about spilled paint (not mine) near the register.  Weirdo.  Load stuff into car (I was driving David's Prius) and then return card.  Roll eyes at terrible parking job of the mini-van next to me, which was not there when I pulled in.  As I am backing out of parking spot, observe weirdo-friendly-handshaker-man getting into haphazardly parked mini-van.  Figures.

8:00pm  Arrive home.  Sweep and scrape porch.  Decide to paint Sunday night because it's getting dark and buggy.

9:00pm.  David asks what I want for dinner.  I tell him I ate three pieces of pizza for a snack and I am not hungry.  David says neighbor invited us over for dinner and he's going to put a steak on the grill over there.  I say I don't want to go, then change my mind because I am just being crabby for no good reason and I actually really like our neighbor and she has been nothing but kind to us and also makes good food.

9:10pm.  Go to neighbor's house.  Cooper gets to come with us because he gets along with her dog, Lucky.  Sit on her deck.  Eat grilled veggies with Tzatziki dip.  Love.  Drink Bud Light Lime.  It's just okay.  Eat strawberries and cheese and drink sweet Missouri wine for dessert.  I can't finish the wine because it's too sweet so David finishes it for me.  Talk about silly things with neighbor and discover our dogs go to the same groomer and same vet.

11pm.  Yawning.  Thank neighbor for delicious food.  Home and to bed.


  1. Yeh, I can't do these because I will be very boring, and yet you appear interesting.

    I like that the helpful Home Depot person switched paint for you. I dislike the weirdo trying to shake hand.


    Ps. I find myself uninterested in gatherings just to be spiteful and, because, why should I ? It's bad.

  2. I think I'm also uninterested in gatherings to be spiteful and just because I want everyone to know I still hate nonchalant people and easygoing-ness. They need to know I am still sad, dammit. Yeah, weird.

    Bud Light lime = meh

    Missouri wine = not something I'd like. Sweet wines aren't my bag.

    Did you paint the porch? Photos? I guess I'll have to read Sunday's post! Oh the suspense!!!

  3. God, I love that you are doing this. You are entertaining even when describing a trip to the Home Depot. I could never do this. I don't have the energy or the attention to detail or the detail retention.
    My log would look something like this:
    7:30am-ish: had breakfast. An egg, I think. And toast? Coffee, definitely.
    8:00am-9:59pm: various things.
    10:00pm: bed.
    repeat x 7
    I loose steam pretty fast at these things. But, I am really enjoying reading yours! I love B.'s comment: "Oh, the suspense!!!" lol too funny