Thursday, November 25, 2010


We made the road trip home.

Food was eaten.  The belly was rubbed.  Baby Duck got to hear the volume of family conversation, mercifully muffled by amniotic fluid. 

There were a couple of mild family spats, lots of overeating, one small child meltdown, and at least two totally inappropriate comments from Nana.  (She doesn't mean to be rude, we all assure each other.  It's just she has no filter.)

In other words, it was a typical, lovely, slightly insane family Thanksgiving. 

I am not joining the Black Friday madness tomorrow, although I am certainly not above Black Friday madness.  Baby Duck just slows me down too much.  Maybe next year.  I did do a little cyber shopping and ordered half a dozen more BumGenius 4.0 diapers from Cotton Babies.

Tomorrow...  just a little bit of shopping around town, a family baby shower, and hopefully some quality time with cousins who were with the other side of their family today.

And those papers that need to be graded?  Let's just pretend those are going to grade themselves, shall we?

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