Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She's Already a Pain in the Butt, Bless Her Little Heart

So I learned this weekend where my sciatic nerve is located.

Basically, it feels like it is located in my butt.  Evidently it is located precisely where Baby Duck is pushing/kicking/head butting or possibly at the place where she has relocated one of my internal organs.  Either way, this nerve is feeling pressure.

And the pressure is experienced by me in sharp pains that start at my low back or hip and run down my butt and sometimes my leg.  Mostly on the right side.

After bitching and moaning about the pain for a couple of days, I did a little more reading in some of my pregnancy books.

Guess what?  Sciatica is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy.

It is not pleasant.

Massage (at least the non-professional kind) does not really help me.  It's not like a muscle ache that you can work out.  It's just...  nerve pain.  And it hurts.  I've never felt anything like this before.

My yoga instructor gave me a couple of exercises that will relieve the pressure on the nerve, but when I resume normal postures, the pain comes back.

So far the only thing I've found that works is a heating pad.  I didn't have an electronic one, so yesterday at Target I bought a humidifier and a heating pad.  I felt geriatric. 

Supposedly the nerve pressure will ease up eventually.  The baby will get bigger and shift position and then the butt pain will stop. 

Anytime now, Baby Duck.  Anytime would be fine.

Unless you want to be named Sciatica. 

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