Saturday, August 14, 2010


Dreams are one of those things that are interesting really only to the dreamer, right?  Does anyone else really care what crazy things your subconscious invents while you snooze peacefully through the night?  (Or snooze fitfully while a puggle snuffles around and drools on you because he's afraid of the thunderstorm?).

But last night I had some doozy of a dream.  So vivid, so real, so scary.

I have heard that pregnancy can cause crazy dreams (mostly about giving birth to animals or inanimate objects) but I haven't experienced any of those dreams yet.  Last night I had a nightmare that I was bleeding  and my stomach was cramping and I knew I was losing the baby and I kept saying, "But it's been eighteen weeks!  How is this possible?  Eighteen weeks!"  David and I were trying to find our car in a parking garage so we could get to the hospital and the car was no where to be found and I was trying to call someone to come get us but my cell phone couldn't get a signal.  It was horrible.  Horrible, horrible, horrible.  I woke myself up sort of shouting/mumbling.  Then I was still scared because my stomach was so knotted up from the dream that I thought maybe I was having cramps.

When I finally fell back to sleep, I had another baby dream.  But this time I had a big, fat, adorable blonde baby boy.  He looked a lot like my friend Allison's son, Wade, when he was a little baby.  I had dressed my baby in an adorable madras plaid outfit and we were at some kind of family reunion at the lake and everyone was talking about how cute my baby was.  It was all sunshine and happy times.

Then that dream shifted into me camping out in some kind of trailer and I was trying to use the shower but whenever you'd turn the shower on, water would leak throughout the trailer so the clothes I had intended to put on after the shower were getting wet.  So I had to walk around in a towel all day, waiting for my clothes to dry.  There were two other girls sharing my trailer and we were trying to fix the plumbing ourselves but it was frustrating and messy and I was climbing up on the roof of the trailer in a towel with my wet hair also wrapped in a towel.

So I'm no Freudian, but I would guess that the dreams stem from me being a little stressed out about all of the semester planning I'm trying to do (and all of the pre-semester meetings I have to attend).  I like to think that my brain tried to comfort itself from the scary dream by having a happy baby dream, but I don't know what it means that I dreamed about a baby boy (here I've thought it was a girl all along...  could this be a sign?).  More practically, I think the dream about the trailer and the shower was mostly me knowing that my alarm was going to go off and then I'd have to hop in the shower and get ready for work.

Either way, I wouldn't mind an uneventful night's sleep tonight.  No more pregnancy nightmares, please!

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