Monday, August 31, 2009

A Life More Ordinary

After a summer of European adventures and tricycle races, I find that the back-to-school season leaves with me less time and less material for posting.

Less material mostly because I am trying to be a professional and not rant about my department, my students, my colleagues, my frenemies, or the state of academia. And I don't feel like writing about health care reform.

* * *

It feels like fall outside, and I am reminded for the umpteenth time that no matter how beautiful I think the desert landscape is, or how much I love the feeling of sand under my feet and the sound of the ocean, I have to live somewhere that has four seasons. I think I would get so bored if my wardrobe and my lifestyle didn't change at least four times a year.

Now that the air is cooler, I'm in the mood to make risotto and roast vegetables. I'm ready for new TV shows. I want to drink hot drinks (not too hot, mind the arm). I want to throw another blanket on the bed and maybe even start to think about flannel sheets. I want to curl up in my red chair with a puggle and a fleece blanket and read. I want to knit a scarf.

Or prep for teaching class. Which is what I need to be doing now...

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