Thursday, May 7, 2009

Filthy Beasts

The thing is, my dogs shed.

(I know! As if ass-stinking and occasionally-biting were not vice enough for two dogs!)

To combat this problem, along with the general dirt, filth, and sloughed-off skin cells (ew) that collect in our carpet, we bought a Dyson.


Of course, we didn't "just buy" this Dyson. D decided that we HAD to have one while we were on vacation in Portland AND that we HAD to buy it IN Portland to avoid sales tax and because they were on sale at Target FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. So we bought it, wrapped it in garbage bags, checked it with our luggage, and flew it home to St. Louis, where my Target credit card people had left 3 messages for us asking if it was a fraudulent use of my card because who in their right mind flies to Oregon and buys a $400 vacuum?

Oh, right. That would be my husband.

This version is called "The Animal" as it is specifically made to suck up pet hair and dander and make your carpet and furniture and air and soul cleaner. Really I think it just came with a specific attachment for sucking pet hair off of furniture, but yay! because we use that attachment all. the. time.

I vacuum a lot. I try to vacuum every other day. It doesn't take that long because (1) my house is small and (2) I don't usually move furniture around to vacuum under things (unless D's g-rents are coming to visit). So seriously, it only takes about 10 minutes to vacuum my entire house. It is still one more annoying chore, but I do it faithfully because each time I run the Dyson through the bedroom, guest room, living room, dining room, and back room, it fills up with this:

Isn't that horrifying?

I have not dissected the vacuum pick-up under a microscope, but I estimate that it is 50% Cooper hair/dirt, 40% Little Mac hair/dirt, and 10% hair/dirt from the humans in the house.

Our house sure would be a lot cleaner without those filthy beasts. But it would be a lot emptier too.

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  1. i srsly need the animal. our vacuum sucks (or more precisely, does not suck). if brooke says it works, it must work... now i just need to come up with $400! :)