Thursday, April 30, 2009

We've Got a Winner!

And Sister's Got a Beautiful Smile!

Survey says that picture B is the big winner.

Little Mac has officially been entered in the "Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile Contest" (gee, what a catchy name). The organization is crappy and there is some crazy delay on postings. Yesterday, there were 7 pages of animal pictures. Today there are 232. Little Mac's picture was on page 187 of 232 AFTER I chose to organize by "Most Recent" and then started working backwards.

Hmm. The sheer ridiculousness of the lack of a search function and the apparent malfunction of the "sort by pet's name" option seem to suggest that voting will be a RIDICULOUS pain in the ass not even worth the free Greenies.

But she IS posted at:

If you can find her. And she is the CUTEST SMILE POSTED!

Do not be distracted by other cute smiles! Little Mac is the only one who gets your vote! Or hers will go medieval on your ass. (srsly).

And guess what! You can vote EVERYDAY! Voting continues through the end of June (hmm... your attention span is not that long?). I suggest you bookmark the gallery so you can vote for her. Make it a daily habit... check e-mail, browse etsy, update fantasy baseball team, read this blog, vote for Little Mac! (I have conveniently installed a link in the top right corner. Where it says "Click Me!")

The prize is a year's worth of Greenies chews (worth $480). Also some publicity usage of her picture (um, let's all hope they don't want to actually meet her, right?). She will be FAMOUS! And we can all chuckle over the irony of Little Mac winning a smile contest. Especially those of you whose blood she has tasted (I can count the people she's bitten on one hand, but they do take up the whole hand.)

So... let's make SISTER a WINNER! Vote now and vote often! Assuming you have a lifetime to waste scrolling through pictures of other people's pets, that is.


  1. Little Mac's picture is the best of the one's I've scrolled thru (dogs' anyway - lots of good cat smiles!) but I can't find her and the sort by name doesn't seem to be working. Be sure and let us know when her picture appears so we can vote - she looks like a winner to me! Little Mac's GM

  2. I finally scrolled and found her on 194 of 240 pages! At the bottom of the page is contact us and tech support so I dropped them a line about their poor site. Hopefully before the contest is over they will have improved it. If only smiling pets were entered, there would be a lot less pictures!