Tuesday, November 11, 2008

feel the burn

I have second degree burns on both of my arms. As my friends very kindly pointed out when I, shamelessly seeking sympathy, e-mailed them pictures, it looks like I have arm herpes. Whatever that is.

At any rate, a freak accident with hot green tea has resulted in my left bicep and right wrist bandaged and wrapped in gauze. My not-very-nice physician informed me that it is likely to scar, although she did call me a "poor thing" and said that it must have hurt.

I realize it could be much worse. It could have burned my face instead of my arm. I could have real herpes instead of blistered burns. But it's enough for me to have a little pity-party of my own.

I am looking forward to this weekend -- some work, some play, a date night to the Fox Theatre with D. I'm also going to get busy with some Christmas crafting. I'm newly inspired to do this sewing/crafting thing, thanks to:
*Project Runway for making me often think wistfully that fashion design might be more fun than Victorian literature
*my parents for giving me a sewing machine for my birthday
*the economy for making me want to conserve money (and by "want to" I mean "need to")
*D for thinking that anything I make with the sewing machine is amazing
*discovering and reading my cousin Beth's blog about her own craftiness, delighting in some of our shared interests (bags, Buffy, knitting squares and rectangles), and following some of her links to various crafty-idea websites

So whatever this blog is for -- keeping in touch, keeping myself on track, indulging in my narcissistic fantasies -- here it begins.


  1. 1. Where will Project Runway end up??? It's in limbo!
    2. I want to use my sewing machine while I'm stressing over school, work, money, and the like...and for the aforementioned machine to not contributte to the stress.
    3. I'm so excited you're blogging!!!!

  2. Hey, got your blog from my Mom - thanks for the shout out yo! I have added it to my RSS feed so now I will read every post. Make it Work!

    AND Buffy Rules

    PS - can't believe this is the same little Brooke from Blue Lake

    Cousin Beth